Every Family Needs a Cat, or Two, at Least Thats What My Wife Says

Moments after my wife and I decided to get married the dreaded topic of what my wife planned to do with her two annoying cats escaped from my mouth.  My wife’s cats, named Bambi and Chester, were bigger than any other cats I had ever seen.  Bambi was approximately fifteen pounds and Chester was a solid, not fat, twenty pounds.  Not only were those cats larger than any other cats I had seen, they were also the most misbehaved cats I had ever been around.  No part of me wanted anything to do with my wife’s cats. Plus, they were cats, not dogs.  In my mind it was a foregone conclusion that my wife would be finding a new home for Chester and Bambi.

Naturally, Bambi and Chester moved into my apartment after my wife and I got married.  Those two cats grew on me and I eventually viewed them as only part cat.  They were really more like watch cats that would pin any nonresident of our small apartment in a corner until that nonresident begged for help.  Finding a person willing to wear armor to feed those cats while my wife and I were out of town was extremely difficult.  The years passed and it came time to move to Indiana to go to law school.  Unfortunately, the housing complex we had to move into would not allow pets and we were forced to find a new home for Bambi and Chester.

Following law school my wife and I were able to move into our own house where I once again made the rule that no cats were allowed.  Especially now that I had a professional job that required me to wear suits everyday to work.  The last thing I wanted to worry about was the hair that without fail seems to permanently attach itself to my clothes.  I had other excuses as well even though I knew that the real reason cats were not allowed in our house was because I would feel like I was cheating on Bambi and Chester.

A short time later, my wife got pregnant with Vivi and as a surprise baby shower gift I decided to allow her to get a new cat.  A few months after Vivi was born my wife began scouring through photos of cats at various Humane Society locations.  She stumbled on a picture of a cat and immediately shouted that we had to get that particular cat.  Why did we have to get that particular cat?  Because that cat was on clearance and he needed a home.  She then showed me a picture of the cat and I immediately noticed that this cat was missing half an ear, had extra toes, and only had one eye.  Giant warning bells went off in my head that this clearance cat was going to be a veterinarian bill nightmare just waiting to happen.  I told my wife that there was no way we were getting a cat with only one eye.

Naturally, we got the cat with one eye the next day along with a bonus cat in case the one eyed cat turned out to be a dud.  Here are some pictures and additional information about my family’s cats:

  • Chester 1 of 17
    This is Chester sitting on my wife's pregnant belly. As you can see, he is a good looking cat.
  • Chester in a Baby Carrier 2 of 17
    Chester in a Baby Carrier
    Chester was a very docile cat.
  • Chester in Addie’s Winter Baby Bear Suit 3 of 17
    Chester in Addie's Winter Baby Bear Suit
    Again, very docile. Chester also liked to drink bleach and nearly died once when he sneaked into my mop bucket filled with bleach and took a long drink.
  • Bambi and Casey 4 of 17
    Bambi and Casey
    Bambi was a female cat and was very overweight.
  • Bambi and Me During a Nap 5 of 17
    Bambi and Me During a Nap
    Bambi was a lover and loved to take naps with me and my wife.
  • Bambi and Casey During a Nap 6 of 17
    Bambi and Casey During a Nap
    We did not have kids yet, so naps happened pretty regularly.
  • Percy 7 of 17
    The Humane Society named Percy, Chester. Because there is really only one Chester, Addie and my wife renamed Chester, Percy.
  • Percy 8 of 17
    Percy is not the brightest cat in the house or on the block. He once groomed my wife's entire body pillow and he now likes to eat floss.
  • Percy Playing Tea with Addie 9 of 17
    Percy Playing Tea with Addie
    Percy is the perfect cat for Addie. He tolerates all of the games she likes to play with him--including playing tea.
  • Percy Playing Tea with Addie 10 of 17
    Percy Playing Tea with Addie
    Again, loves being around people and is afraid of nothing.
  • Percy and Addie 11 of 17
    Percy and Addie
    Addie loves Percy and considers him her cat. As a side note, Addie is terrified of Wink.
  • Wink 12 of 17
    Here is Wink, the clearance cat with extra toes and missing half an ear and an eye.
  • Wink 13 of 17
    Here is Wink's eye hole, which feels very creepy when he presses it against my hand.
  • Wink 14 of 17
    Wink has extra toes and he loves to lay his mitts over random objects as he sleeps.
  • Wink and Vivi 15 of 17
    Wink and Vivi
    Wink is terrified of Addie but tolerates Vivi. He also gets a daily grumpy streak around 6:00 p.m. and he often attacks and bites those who happen to be walking by at that time.
  • Wink, Me and My Wife 16 of 17
    Wink, Me and My Wife
    Wink loves to follow me around and he demands to sleep on my side every night. When I leave for work he climbs on my wife's back.
  • Wink’s Eye Hole 17 of 17
    Wink's Eye Hole
    We recently had Wink Shaved for the summer and he looks much different now.

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