Once Upon a Magic Marker: Images of One Artist’s Work from Age 2 through 25

Lately, I have been hoarding the art my kids create with their crayons and magic markers. I suspect I’m hardly alone in doing this. Heck, some people might even call it a tradition, this whole deal where parents tuck away sheets of construction paper with some scribble on it.

That makes sense to me.

After all, what would life be like in 20 years or so if you didn’t stumble upon an old dusty box of artwork  from when your kids were still actually kids? You would survive, obviously, but you would be missing out on one hell of an ‘archaeological find’, I think.

So when I recently came across a gallery of work by an artist named Marc Allante on the internet I was blown away. Allante, you see, had put together a really fascinating cross section of his life’s work starting when he was just a two-year-old toddler hurling magic markers around, all the way through his mid-20s, when he had developed into a serious world-class talent.

The images of this artist’s work stand alone in telling the tale of how a young boy’s skills can expand and blossom over the years if he works hard and loves what he’s doing, but even beyond that there seems to be more to his images, I suspect. I almost feel like there is a more powerful narrative in a certain thread here that illuminates the unspoken ideas that go zipping through a child’s imagination and mind as he matures and experiences life, and the highs and lows that it can all bring.

Art is hugely interpretive, of course, so there are many folks who probably say that I’m just a blathering idiot and that’s okay.

But still. Have a look at these images of Marc Allante’s art work through the first 25 years of his life and then think about your own children and where they are possibly headed in this world, what limitless future awaits them, not just with art but with EVERYTHING, and then tell me you aren’t glad you’ve been saving  those kindergarten finger-paintings all along.

See and purchase more of Marc Allante’s artwork on his own website and also here. 

  • From Toddler to Pro 1 of 21

    Follow one man's artistic journey...

  • Age 2 2 of 21

    The artist's grandparents, or his "Oma" and "Opa." I'd say that even as a two-year-old with magic marker, Marc was showing great promise!

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 3 3 of 21

    Oh my gosh... how awesome is that bat?! It's better than I can do at age 42! Plus, the young artist's signature is a masterpiece all on it's own.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 4 4 of 21

    Ninja Turtles. Priceless.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 5 5 of 21

    Look! A portrait of the artist as a young man! Marc lists this one as his favorite and I can totally see why.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 6 6 of 21

    Birds dropping hearts by a waterfall! Here, we can start to really feel the inner workings of a well-oiled imagination. Heck, I'd hang this on my wall now since it's better than half of what I already have up there.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 7 7 of 21

    At 7 years old, you just gotta love yourself some dinosaurs.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 8 8 of 21

    Jeez. Look at that dog. It has dimension and depth. Pretty incredible for an 8-year-old kid. Plus, I like how adding the word "Dog" gives the whole thing an almost Warhol-inspired pop art feel.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 9 9 of 21

    Brainbox! I'm not even sure what that is exactly, but who cares?! I love it! More cool pop-art sentiment from a kid barely old enough to play Little League. At this point, we are really starting to sense the depth of talent this lad possesses.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 10 10 of 21

    Marc claims this was from his "National Geographic phase." So awesome. I went through that same phase. But, sadly, I couldn't really do much with it that I'm very proud of.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 11 11 of 21

    Holy cow. I hope Marc made a little extra lunch money by sketching killer dragons like this one on other kid's notebooks in school. Also, I feel like we've entered a phase of pencil sketching and fine detail. Not bad for a middle-schooler, huh?

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 13 12 of 21

    Young teenagers and robots: a match made in artistic heaven.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 14 13 of 21

    Right. When your 14-year-old can draw something like this on a piece of tearaway notebook paper, you'd better believe he is the real deal.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 15 14 of 21

    When I was 15, I chewed pen caps and picked my pimples. Meanwhile, Marc was creating unbelievable art. Ugh.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 16 15 of 21

    Man, oh man. Look a those eyes. So great to see how far this young guy was coming with his art, and how he never ever stopped practicing it.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 17/18 16 of 21

    Unbelievable. By his late teens, Marc was already a serious talent. A long way from those first magic marker sketches, huh?

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 20 17 of 21

    Playing with shadow and form. Marc says this was a period when he was trying to "simplify" much of his work. Pretty powerful stuff.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 22 18 of 21

    Magical, when you really think about it. The evolution from the young kid drawing his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the young man creating the picture above is really remarkable. It should inspire each of us to encourage our own kids to pursue whatever they love.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 23 19 of 21

    El matador. Gorgeous.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 24 20 of 21

    I think that it is plain to see that, by age 24, a life of art and exploration has led Marc to developing his very own style. It is  a style which often features bright color upon a plain white background, and it's signature use of thick drips in the work itself are monumentally fresh and cool, I think.

    Photo Credit: Imgur

  • Age 25 21 of 21

    Do you recognize this powerful piece? If so, chances are you've seen it somewhere online since it has become a viral favorite of people all over the world over the past year or so. And it is Marc's. Quite a testament to a kid with a couple of magic markers who never gave up his dream or his passion. I can't wait to see his 50 year retrospective.

    Photo Credit: Imgur


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