Fathers Day Around the World: Top 7 Celebrations

Happy Father's Day, Mike!

So who spends Father’s Day alone in a movie theater, watching Tom Cruise rock out as an ’80s hairish band rock god?

Two thumbs at this guy.

Sweet aunt jebus, I love Father’s Day.

In the morning, it’s all about family celebration and kind words and hugs and moments so sweet even Frank Capra would be all, really?

This year, I got to hang with my amazing daughter and wife, before hitting the town on my own, thumbing through books at a bookstore — a favorite hobby of mine — and taking in the Rock of Ages silver screen musical extravaganza.

As a stay-at-home dad who is used to spending all day, every day with the child, I appreciate these moments of me-time and look forward to a few hours away from the family — a day to call my own. In the evening, we reconvene for a family dinner and it’s all sweetness and light again.

But this year, while rocking out solo, I started to wonder how other dads in other countries do it. How, I wondered, are dads celebrated around the world?

In countries with a Roman Catholic bent, the celebrations coincide with saints days. That’s a bummer … having to share with someone who is, no doubt, holier than thou.

In other countries, it’s a lot like what you see here: just families hanging out and exchanging gifts. In India, the idea of a Father’s Day celebration is new, thanks to the US; I imagine, however, this has less to do with exporting good feeling and paternal love than it does with businesses trying to hone in on an untapped market. You’re welcome, India. You, too, Philippines, where the idea seems to be new as well.

My favorite in a round of wiki-web research has to be Germany. On Ascension Day, 40 days after Easter and also a federal holiday there, all the men get together in groups to pull a wagon of alcohol and get loaded. I’m sure there’s a bigger meaning and what not, but if I were still a young drinking father, I would have loved a wagonload of booze on my special day.

If you like how Germany does it, take a tour around the world to see how international fathers days measure up to our own.

  • Germany 1 of 7
    OK fine, many if not most dads probably also spend the day with the fam, but at least they can wrap the holiday into a four-day weekend there. Still almost as cool as a wagonload of booze.
  • Nepal 2 of 7
    While western influences are also taking over, I still like that a good portion of the population celebrates a day with the literal meaning of "day for looking at father's face." Word.
  • Thailand 3 of 7
    In Thailand, Father's Day is celebrated on the birthday of the king. Seriously, what a rip off. Does the king not get celebrated enough? And yes, mother's day is celebrated on the birthday of the queen.
  • USA 4 of 7
    Many dads spend time with their families. Maybe go take a hike or see a sporting event. Some fathers go rock out to movie musical versions of hit Broadway shows. Those dads are the best.
  • Peru 5 of 7
    A simple family meal? I wish it were so. That is always the best part of the day. Unless Tom Cruise is singing in a movie.
  • Argentina 6 of 7
    As it is here, Father's Day is celebrated in June although apparently there are attempts to change it to August to coincide with the day when the father of the country had a kid. Boo. Who wants to share?
  • Russia 7 of 7
    You have to admit that Defender of the Fatherland Day has a nice ring to it -- it's a throwback to the USSR days. Basically it's "men's day" and fathers are celebrated.

Mike Adamick writes at Cry It Out!


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