Father’s Day: Free Things to Do

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and it is time to consider Father’s Day ideas, or to be specific, Father’s Day experiences that don’t cost a thing.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of Father’s Day (or Mother’s Day, for that matter). It always seems a bit too commercial for a sentiment that should be simple and sincere. After all, Father’s Day is about showing Dad how much you care, not how much you can spend on him. Maybe I’d feel otherwise if my kids had jobs — check back in twenty years for an update.

Personally, I don’t have much desire for Father’s Day gifts, at least not those bought in a store. However, a handmade macaroni picture frame? I’ll treasure that forever. A coupon book offering mowed lawns and car washes? Those don’t expire, and will be redeemed accordingly. Hugs? I’ll take those all day.

That’s why I’ve compiled this little list of free things to do with Dad (generally speaking, actual dads may vary) on Father’s Day that might give kids some ideas. Share it with your children!

  • Sleep 1 of 12
    The best gift to give Dad is also the easiest: sleep. Just an extra hour or two of sleep on Father's Day would be incredible.
    Would also accept "naps."
  • Something Fun and Messy 2 of 12
    Something Fun and Messy
    Do something fun and get your hands dirty (more ideas for this to follow). And kids, when it's time to get clean, be cool about it.
  • Take a Hike 3 of 12
    Take a Hike
    Hiking is a great way to spend quality time with Dad. Long walks lend to long conversations and tons of adventure.
  • DIY Spa Treatment 4 of 12
    DIY Spa Treatment
    Dad likes a good pampering, but why spend a lot of money on some fancy spa when you can make your own mud? Head to the backyard, the beach — anywhere Dad can get a nice, exfoliating scrub (and a shower right after). Some lemonade would be a nice touch.
  • Sing a Song 5 of 12
    Sing a Song
    Sing it loud. Sing it strong. Dad loves music and he loves you. Do the math.
  • Throw a Dance Party 6 of 12
    Throw a Dance Party
    All of that singing sets Dad's toes to tapping, and then rugs are cut by so many sharp moves. Ask Dad about such steps as the shopping cart, the sprinkler, the Roger Rabbit, and of course, getting jiggy with it.
  • Use a Bit of Imagination 7 of 12
    Use a Bit of Imagination
    Dad loves to travel, and so do you. Why not do it in style? Any box will do. Bonus for smiling.
  • Arts and Crafts Time 8 of 12
    Arts and Crafts Time
    Dad knows art, and he knows what he likes. He likes this. Any art or craft you make for Dad is the best art or craft that anyone will ever make. Congratulations.
  • Explore 9 of 12
    Contrary to popular belief, Dad does not know it all. He only knows most of it. Go out, ask questions, find answers. Together. Pick a spot you've never explored before and go forth.
  • Clean Your Room 10 of 12
    Clean Your Room
    Dad has been asking you to clean your room for 364 days. Today is the day it happens. Please be careful.
  • Bring Grandpa Along 11 of 12
    Bring Grandpa Along
    Don't forget Grandpa! Grandfathers are dads, too, and expanding the generational fun is a win-win, and possibly win. Find a way for Dad, Grandpa, and you to spend the day together: playing board games, having a catch, or just watching the day go by.
  • The Best Gift Ever Has Already Been Given 12 of 12
    The Best Gift Ever Has Already Been Given
    Not to give you a big head, but the best gift Dad will ever receive is you, and all of this other stuff is just gravy (please replace lumps with hugs).

What are your favorite free Father’s Day experiences?

Whit Honea can be found writing about whatever he feels like at his personal site Honea Express (Honea sounds like pony) and DadCentric. If you’re really bored you can follow him on the Twitter or Pinterest (his opinions are his own and do not reflect those of Babble or most rational people).

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