Flower Power! Kids and Their Springtime Flowers (PHOTOS)

One of the coolest feelings in the world (besides finding a fiver in the back pocket of your dirty jeans) is seeing one of your young kids wander over to you across the green lawn to hand you a flower they just picked. It’s a show of affection on their part of course, but for us as parents it transcends nearly everything that we’ve ever really felt.

When your kid jacks his or her arm up toward your chin and thrusts a buttercup or a dandelion at you, it goes straight through your chest and right through your heart like a magic sword of love.

Still, there are times when you aren’t in the equation at all, huh? Sometimes little children aren’t really picking those beautiful backyard petals with you on their mind, but rather, they feel that youthful urge to pull a thing out of the ground…so that they can pop it in their mouth.

And so quite quickly, we learn that even in the back yard, with a can of beer between our thighs as we set there in the folding chair, we can’t really take an eye off the damn buggers or else they’ll chomp down on one of your rosebushes and a whole new can of painful worms will open up at our feet.

Flowers are cool and kids know it. They’re colorful and they come in interesting shapes and with all of those superb colors just inviting us in like a honeybee, it’s no wonder most kids simply have to take a big old bite out of one now and again.

So, now that spring is officially here for most of us (I’m sorry South Dakota: I saw the news today and I just feel plain sorry for you guys), it’s high time we pay a little tribute to the fact that kids and their springtime flowers are just another reassuring sign that old man winter is toast.

And that spring has sprung.

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  • First Signs 2 of 18

    As winter fades, kids are eager to get outside and see those first buds or blossoms of the spring.

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  • Flower! 3 of 18

    Every year as the snow and ice melt away, each and every kid who wanders outdoors is rewarded for their patience with a long lost flower.

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  • Nice Days 4 of 18

    Soon the nice days are here again and flowers are everywhere kids look...which makes them irresistible, of course.

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  • Cast a Spell 5 of 18

    Warm sun and a field of flowers can cast a perfect spell over a sleepy baby.

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  • Cast a Spell, Part 2 6 of 18

    For toddlers and even older kids, a field of flowers on a beautiful spring day means big adventure.

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  • Eye Catcher 7 of 18

    Like a lot of birds and bees and other critters, kids hone right in on the bright gorgeous colors of flowers!

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  • Little Gardener 8 of 18

    Is there anything sweeter than a little gardener admiring the first flowers of the season? I doubt it.

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  • Helping Out 9 of 18

    Most young folks are pretty eager to help out with making flowers grow. Just hand them a water bucket and watch the determination in their eyes.

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  • There’s Always a Way 10 of 18

    Little kids are crafty as heck. If they spot a beautiful flower high up a vine or beyond a fence that they simply must get to, they'll always find a way to make it happen.

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  • The Fine Art of Picking 11 of 18

    There is a delicate art to picking a flower and kids are pretty good at learning it. They might be rough with their toys and their friends, but watch them when they scoop in to get a buttercup and you'll be impressed.

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  • Expert Sniffers 12 of 18

    No one on Earth can sniff a flower better than a child. No one.

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  • Flower Child 13 of 18

    Even from the youngest age, kids and flowers just seem to go together somehow.

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  • Picture Perfect 14 of 18

    Capturing our children picking flowers in the spring sunshine can result in some pretty epic photographs.

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  • Hard to Resist 15 of 18

    Don't be surprised if you catch your kid sampling items from the backyard menu.

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  • A Little Snack! 16 of 18

    If you happen to catch a young one munching on a flower, just might capture yourself a photo for the ages.

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  • Just For You 17 of 18

    Of course, the greatest thing about kids and their springtime flowers is when they show up with a bouquet they picked themselves, just for you.

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  • Flower Power 18 of 18

    This spring, make sure you give your kids ample time to sniff, pick, and collect as many flowers as they can (without ruining the neighbor's prized rosebush, of course). Because the world is just a better place when kids and flowers are in it together.

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