Funny or Cruel: Dad Replaces Son’s Candy Egg With a Real One (VIDEO)


In a viral video making the rounds today, a father evidently decided to play a little prank on his son by replacing his candy Kinder Surprise Egg with…surprise(!)…a real one.

Yeah, I know. What’s the point really?

I mean, the actual video, as seen on Jezebel, doesn’t exactly reek of originality does it? Maybe that’s why I sort of hate it in a weird way. It definitely isn’t the worst prank I have ever seen on the net, nor is it even close to being the cruelest one either.Yet, in just a minute and change, I somehow move away from this video wanting to jab this dad/this guy in the nose. Twice.

The whole plot of this thing is that a pretty young kid kid bites into a real egg that he supposedly thinks is a Kinder Egg but doesn’t look like the regular chocolate treat at all. He hesitates when he notices that the egg not only looks like a real egg, but it sort of feels like one between his teeth too.

Still, it’s the off-camera voice of the dad ‘egging’ him on (pun completely intended) that elevates this viral video from pretty funny stuff to a more sinister level. I don’t understand what is said, that much is true, but it sounds conniving to my ears. Plus, the kid takes the bait.

And in the end, here I am writing about it; and here you are reading about it; and by the end of the day, we’ll both have watched the damn thing too, huh? I guess that’s just the nature of the beast these days.

Hell, before I was even done writing this piece, I found another video in which another set of parents somewhere else in the world were pulling the same stunt with their kid, and filming it.

So what do you  think?

Is this thing oddly cruel in a why-even-bother way?

Or is it just a plain old fashion prank pulled off in a super sensitive world?



Video: YouTube/Alessandre GugaJezebel


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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