Future Class Clown: My Toddler’s Big Personality

personalityVivi’s starting to display and develop more and more of her personality. However, I’m not sure if I should be amazed or deeply afraid.

This little girl is so different than Addie when she was a toddler. Addie was funny and special in her own little way, and she was definitely fun to be around, but I’m pretty sure Vivi is a class clown in the making. That little kid constantly has something devious and funny going on.

I told Casey the other night that I thought Vivi was funny and that she purposely did things to try to make other people laugh, and Casey later told Vivi that I thought she was funny. Vivi, while peering over her hot chocolate mug and using only her eyes, looked to the right and then to the left, slowly lowered her mug, and said, “Silly, not funny.”

Vivi caught Percy, Addie’s cat, scratching the back of our sofa.  Vivi ran over to Percy, pointed her finger at him, and said, “No, no, Percy, you weirdo.”

A few days ago Vivi started randomly striking poses with her legs slightly spread, her hands on her hips, and her body contorted to one side or the other. Why does she strike these poses? To get a good laugh.

Part of my toddler’s big personality is finding little ways to annoy other members of her family—kind of like how I used to annoy my sisters.

Today while I was eating at the dinner table, Addie was showing me the Legos she had assembled that day. Vivi sneaked up behind Addie and then quickly snatched one of the Lego men from Addie’s Lego set and dashed to the other room. Addie screamed for Vivi to stop and the chase commenced. After Addie got her Lego man back from Vivi, the whole scene repeated itself as Vivi once again sneaked behind Addie and stole another piece of her Lego set.

Getting pajamas on this kid in less than five minutes? Not going to happen  Vivi loves to walk over to me when it is pajama time and then run away right before she’s within my reach.  Even if I somehow manage to capture her, she constantly rolls on the ground or bends her back into an arch so that putting any pajama pants or shirts on her is impossible. Why? Because she thinks it’s hilarious.

I think Vivi is really funny and I can tell we’re going to have lots and lots of good laughs together throughout her life, but I think I also need to prepare myself for the constant calls from teachers letting me know about her disruptive behavior.

And I need to prepare myself for the day when Vivi sneaks into my bathroom and puts plastic wrap over my toilet.

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