Down At The Shindig: Our Fourth of July Family Photos

The 4th Of July VIP section.

Every year, I manage to find the heart and soul of the Fourth of July somehow.

I’ve spent my country’s birthday in all sorts of places, both in America and far away from her, and yet I’ve always finagled my way into spending some time doing something that helped me to remember why I love my country and freedom and the right to buy big sodas wherever and whenever the hell I want to buy big sodas.

This year, I spent the day with a couple of very cool friends and their sweet kids as well as my mom-in-law, who I actually love and dig a lot. We didn’t do much, to be honest. But I think that is what I’m really talking about. We had the seven foot inflatable pool hooked up in the yard. The kids were in heaven with that; there were no fights or shenanigans. We grilled up some burgers and dogs and ate them with pickles and potato salad and tomatoes and mozzarella and potato chips.

The kids ate a lot of red, white, and blue cookies.

We talked about things like politics and fishing and amusement parks and stuff our kids say to us when they climb up into our beds sometimes.

And as the day wound down and the hot, hot sky thinned out a little and began to go dim, we wrapped some final towels around the kid’s wet mops and held them in our arms and on our laps, their yawns marking the end of another perfectly executed Independence Day doing nothing much at all for a change.

Here’s a few shots from this morning, my kids all ready and excited for their holiday. I hope yours was just as great.

  • The Day Begins 1 of 15
    The Day Begins
    Violet couldn't wait for the day to begin. She was up bright and early waiting for her friends from Pittsburgh to arrive.
  • Out On The Porch 2 of 15
    Out On The Porch
    After she hit the yard and got her pool and her hose all ready for the hot day that was coming, she hit the porch and waited with her flag.
  • Henry Swings 3 of 15
    Henry Swings
    Henry knew something was up. He knew something about today was going to be different and better than most days. He kept a close eye on things from his favorite perch.
  • Violet Storms The Castle 4 of 15
    Violet Storms The Castle
    After a while though, Violet got tired of standing while she waited, so she told Henry to get lost for a bit so that her and Speaky the Tiger could take a load off.
  • Mom Comes Out 5 of 15
    Mom Comes Out
    Mom showed up and brought ol' Hank back into the fold for a mama/kids shot. I love this one.
  • Front Porch History Lesson 6 of 15
    Front Porch History Lesson
    Violet killed time while we waited for our friends by giving her brother a quick lesson on how America was discovered by a cool tiger named Speaky.
  • Fashion Show 7 of 15
    Fashion Show
    Violet looked so awesome in the special 4th of July dress her Gran Elaine bought for her. Thanks Gran Elaine!
  • The Best Of The Day 8 of 15
    The Best Of The Day
    Monica took all of these photos, except the one that she is in, of course. And I love them all, but when she captured this moment, she captured the whole day and vibe of our Fourth.
  • Violet Smiles 9 of 15
    Violet Smiles
    My daughter really dug having some friends around for the whole afternoon. And they all played so hard that by the time the sun began to sink, she was exhausted.
  • Hank The Tank 10 of 15
    Hank The Tank
    Henry practiced his best body rolls off the side of the pool. He never seems to tire of this game, and I like that.
  • American Charcoal 11 of 15
    American Charcoal
    We decided that nothing fancy, no complex marinades or dry rubs or whatever, could possibly compete with the traditional 4th of July fare. So we did up burgers and dogs.
  • On The Mountain Top 12 of 15
    On The Mountain Top
    My son, Henry, likes to climb things for a better view. And to eat whatever he happens to find up there.
  • Tired Little Fish 13 of 15
    Tired Little Fish
    By my guesstimation, the kids all clocked about four or five hours of swimming/splashing/cooling off time in the 30 dollar pool we got at Walmart. So, basically the thing paid for itself ten times in just one glorious afternoon.
  • At The Captain’s Table 14 of 15
    At The Captain's Table
    The VIP's all took their dinner at the special red table, where it is perfectly acceptable to dine in your birthday suit if you so desire.
  • Long Shadows 15 of 15
    Long Shadows
    By day's end, as the shadows began to creep across our back yard, yawns and tired eyes took the place of the shrieks and laughter. It was a very good day.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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