11 Last Minute Mother’s Day DIY Gift Ideas

I get a lot of email pitches about Mother’s Day. Most of them offer “last minute Mother’s Day ideas!” or “last minute Mother’s Day gifts!” in which “last minute” apparently started in early April. Obviously they don’t know from last minute.

You want last minute Mother’s Day presents? You’re looking at them — although to fully appreciate the moment you may want to wait until Saturday afternoon. Last minutes may vary.

The other thing that most of the Mother’s Day notes have in common is that they are trying to sell Mother’s Day gifts, which I get, but I don’t always agree with. Sure, things from the things department, which are my mom’s personal favorite, are nice, but there’s something extra sweet about Mother’s Day gifts made with love. In fact, I would go so far as to say that handmade Mother’s Day presents are the best gift at all. Other options include cash.

Do-It-Yourself gifts are not only fun to get, but they are also fun to make. There are few things better than spending time with a child in the creative process. However, you may want to put down some newspaper first, and dress accordingly — the creative process can be messy.

Here are a few last minute DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas that Mom is sure to love:

  • The Notebook for Mom 1 of 11
    The Notebook for Mom
    Mom loves a good notebook (not talking about the movie, though she may have enjoyed that too), and with these kid-made additions that personalize the cover, she's bound to love it all the more!
    Learn how to make these clever notebooks from the one and only Martha Stewart!
  • Family Wind Chime 2 of 11
    Family Wind Chime
    There's nothing as soothing as the sound of the wind through the chimes, and so can you! Sorry, I went all Colbert there for a minute, but my point is that now you can be the wind chime — or at least a little painted picture of you and yours. The bigger the family, the louder the music. Feel free to paint some pets on there!
    Learn how to make this fun family wind chime at!
  • Give Mom a Break 3 of 11
    Give Mom a Break
    Not every Mother's Day present has to be something made or bought, just letting Mom relax and taking care of things she would normally do on a Sunday can go a long way. Whether Mom spends her usual Sunday doing the shopping, cleaning the house, changing the car's oil, or mowing the lawn, she would probably rather not. That's where you come in, kid.
    Photo Credit: Groupon
  • DIY Mother’s Day Photo Album 4 of 11
    DIY Mother's Day Photo Album
    This handmade mini album is a beautiful way to show Mom how much you love her on Mother's Day. She'll probably cry.
    Learn how to make this fantastic mini album at Simple as That!
  • Take a class with Mom! 5 of 11
    Take a class with Mom!
    Whether Mom likes painting, baking, woodwork, or archery there are classes available in most areas for you and Mom to take together. Many are very inexpensive or free!
    Photo Credit: Groupon
  • A Jar Full of Cookies 6 of 11
    A Jar Full of Cookies
    Decorated cookies are a tasty treat that Mom is sure to love! Make enough to share.
    Get the recipe for these fun decorated cookies at All About Mom!
  • Tea for Mom 7 of 11
    Tea for Mom
    Who doesn't love a spot of tea? Sure you can take Mom to tea or some fancy Mother's Day brunch, but some little sandwiches, a plate full of cookies, and a pot full of leaves can happen anywhere. The world is your tearoom!
    Photo Credit: Groupon
  • Magnetic Love Letters for Mom 8 of 11
    Magnetic Love Letters for Mom
    Everyone loves a cute magnet, and even better, cute magnets that can spell out the Mother's Day greeting of your choice!
    Learn how to make these awesome magnets at Classroom DIY!
  • Spa Day at Home 9 of 11
    Spa Day at Home
    Mother's Day spa treatments are big business, and they can also be big money. Why not give Mom spa comforts on a DIY budget? It's so easy and relaxing that even the kids will want time in the tub!
    Learn how to create a Spa Day at Home from Martha Stewart!
  • Mason Jar Wall Planter 10 of 11
    Mason Jar Wall Planter
    I found these awesome planters on Pinterest where old mason jars go to die. Look, new life! Spring!
    Learn how to make these incredible DIY planters at Not Just a Housewife!
  • Wheel. Of. Affection. 11 of 11
    Wheel. Of. Affection.
    No buying vowels or puzzles to solve here, just affection and lots of it. Best round thing ever.
    Learn how to make your own wheel of affection at Disney's FamilyFun!

Don’t worry, if you must shop for Mother’s Day gifts there is still plenty of time. Last minute is relative.

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