Halloween 2012: It’s as Easy as Stealing Candy From a Baby

Another Halloween has come and gone and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We’re about to enter my favorite time of the year, but we’re leaving Casey’s favorite time of the year.

Halloween at our house this year was considered a success—well, mostly a success. Addie did come home after trick-or-treating without any Almond Joys. Almond Joys have always been my favorite and they are really the only candy I take from Addie. It helps that Addie doesn’t like coconut and almonds so they would end up in the trash if I didn’t step in and save them from such sad destruction.

This raises an important question. (Well, it’s probably not all that important.) The morning after Halloween, Addie marched me downstairs so she could confront me about the empty candy wrappers laying in the kitchen garbage can. Addie pointed at the wrappers and gave me a very stern, “DADDDDDD.” I told her the wrappers weren’t mine and she said, “I don’t believe you because mom wouldn’t steal my candy.”

Oh boy. If that kid only knew how much candy her mom has stolen from her.

I told Casey about the conversation with Addie and Casey laughed. That’s it. She just laughed. No offer to tell Addie that I didn’t touch her candy and that it was, in fact, she who stole the candy. Nope. Just a laugh.

Later that day, it all made sense.

Casey:  “What type of candy do you usually steal from Addie’s Halloween candy stash?”

Me:  “None.  That’s her candy.”

Casey (with an astonished look on her face):  “What type of candy did your parents steal from your Halloween candy when you were a kid?”

Me:  “None.  That was my candy.”

Casey:  “Your parents didn’t go through your candy before you got to have it?”

Me:  “They checked it to make sure it was safe, but they didn’t take anything from it.”

Casey (with a skeptical look on her face):  “Did they check your candy while you were in a different room?

Me:  “Nope, they did it right in front of me.”

Casey:  “Huh, my parents had first dibs on my candy and they took what they wanted before I got to have any of it.”

Me:  “That explains a lot.”

Ever since Addie first started trick-or-treating, I’ve always wondered why Casey was so willing to take whatever candy she wanted from Addie’s Halloween stash and now I know. Do you get first dibs on your child’s Halloween candy?

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