He Said/She Said: Sex in the Parent Hood

Can't get enough of your love, babe

He Said:

(This is read in my Barry White-ish voice, over some Barry White-ish instrumental music)

Hey Monica. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been thinking about you today, BabyFine. You’ve been all up in my mind tonight as I remember the Old Skool Days of Love: when we were just starting out.

(music a little louder/my voice a little more urgent)

You know girl, people gonna say what they wanna say, people gonna talk and I say let them talk. We know where we been. We know who we been there with.

And I been there with you.

(big string section appears)

You know, BabyFine, it’s been a while since we made love up on the roof, under the stars shining down on the champagne sparkling in our sippy cups because they’re the only cups we’ve got since we sold the two champagne flutes we had three years ago for fifty cents at our first yard sale.

Remember, darling?

(jazz flute appears like a wild dove on the sonic horizon)


Anyway, it’s been too long but we’re alright. Love gets rolled sometimes. Down the back alleys, in the mean dark, Love gets mugged real bad.

(music louder/my voice almost singing)

But tonight. Tonight I believe that we are gonna find our way back from the dark beat-down.

Yeah, tonight, we are going to put these two kids to bed and I’m gonna take your hand and we are going to sneak up on the roof once again…like we did in the beginning.

Stars shining down on me and you, BabyFine. I’m going to pour you a little of the old champagne, too. And we’re going to toast the good and the bad and our strong strong love. Our Bionic Love.

(music so loud that your spirit can’t help but soaring so it doesn’t get run over by the sound)

And listen, girl!

If we happen to be making sweet magic out in the night, just like the old days, and if the roof damn collapses and we fall down into the bathroom in a full embrace…

…don’t worry, BabyFine.

I’ma still love you. Forever.

(music soars and then fades slow)

She Said: Roof? We never did it on the roof. Are you drunk? I’m tired. I’m going to bed.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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