Can You Help?? Mother Searching for Samaritan Who Saved Her Toddler’s Life

Mia and Jill Fowler

A North Carolina woman really wants to thank a stranger for giving her the greatest gift possible when she saved her daughter’s life.

Maybe you can help.

According to a piece in today’s Charlotte Observer, mom, Jill Fowler, was driving with her 3-year-old daughter, Mia, along a busy Interstate 277 one day last week when every parent’s nightmare began to unfold in the backseat.

Mia, who has a severe nut allergy, was in her car seat eating a vegan cookie (that listed no dangerous ingredients) when she suddenly began to show signs of a serious allergic reaction.

She started saying that the cookie was spicy,” Fowler told the Observer.She was talking funny a little and acting a little weird. Mia started crying, and I looked back, and she was drooling….And she started throwing up.”

That’s when the very pregnant mom did what she had to do. Unable to get to an exit ramp in all of the rush hour traffic despite her efforts, Fowler finally just slammed her car into park right there on the highway, put on her flashers, and risked her own safety to run around to assist her daughter who was quickly showing the signs of irregular breathing.

The Observer notes that Mia’s mom carries two EpiPens with her all of the time, but in the chaos of the moment, she couldn’t manage to get the cap off the first one correctly.

Time was running out for Mia.

Her mother was understandably panicked.

That’s when several motorists noticed the events unfolding in the roadway and stopped to help, one calling 911. As Mia’s mom watched her daughter getting sicker, she knew that her first EpiPen injection wasn’t working.

A woman who had stopped asked Fowler if she wanted her to apply the second and last EpiPen to Mia. Fowler said yes and, as the Charlotte Observer piece recounts, “The woman read the instructions on the EpiPen, then Fowler held Mia down while the woman injected the girl.”

As the newspaper tells it, a few harrowing minutes went by as they waited for emergency responders to arrive, and by the time they did, little Mia was crying.

And crying means breathing.

In the confusion and shock of it all though, Jill Fowler wasn’t able to thank that woman who took the time to stop in the middle of a busy highway to see if she could help; a woman who ended up saving a child’s life.

Maybe, if we pass this account around, to folks in the immediate Charlotte area and beyond, someone somewhere might be able to help find this good samaritan.

After all, she has probably has a couple really big hugs coming her way.

Can You Help???

The Charlotte Observer has a phone number to call if you have any information that could help Mia and her mom find the woman who helped them. To reach Jill Fowler, contact staff writer Cleve R. Wootson Jr. at 704-358-5046


Info: The Charlotte Observer

Photo: Jill Fowler family

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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