Hockey Hair Forever: 15 Kids with Legendary Mullets

Who had the first mullet hair cut?

Was it the Romans?

Was it the Greeks?

Was it some tribe from deep in the rainforest, or maybe the isolated inhabitants of some long-ago mountain village?

Or was it that singer dude from Def Leppard?

Oh well, what’s the point? No one knows and no one is ever going to know, so let’s just get on with the facts: even though many modern 21st century people who think they are hip and in-the-know love to make fun of the mullet with an almost religious fervor, there still remains, in my humble opinion, something remotely cool and interesting about the weird style, especially when it is a young kid wearing it on their head like a pet fox clinging to their scalp for dear life.

Yes, it is true, the mullet sort of screams out,”Hey! Freak show in the flesh over here!” And, of course, any child seen sporting the epic ‘Kentucky Waterfall’ cut runs the likely risk of being tormented and humiliated by other young people who simply cannot get their heads around the fact that such hairstyles actually exist.

Still though, whenever I see a little boy or girl with a mullet I instantly think to myself, There is no God!” “Now there is a kid who is going to grow up with a real defined sense of style and individuality!”

Am I right? Again, it’s hard to say exactly.

But, I mean, if a young human being is voluntarily (or, as I suspect is often the case, involuntarily) walking around on the face of this particular planet with a haircut that simply HAD to come from an ancient battle helmet design, then that kid is going to probably end up walking away from the experience stronger, tougher, and/or much more in touch with the humorous side of the universe.

I know, I know, there are lots and lots of people out there who are just buzzing and swarming around my comments, ready to pounce all over my feeble attempts at defending one of the most hideous hair styles in the history of the world, but admit it: your life would be a little less awesome if you didn’t have people with mullets to make you smile, huh?

So, I raise my frosty mug of Mountain Dew in toast to each and every one of these kids you are about to see. Because they made me grin like a banshee.

And I suspect they’re going to do the same for you and your ‘awesome’ hair, too.

  • Mullet Over 1 of 15
  • Pure Awesome 2 of 15

    This guy is pure awesome. End of story.


  • Mullet Super Hero 3 of 15

    Yes, having the Batman insignia carved into the side of your mullet DOES make you one of the coolest kids alive.


  • The Real Deal 4 of 15

    This kid is basically the poster child for "If you're going to do something, do it right."


  • School Pic Star 5 of 15

    I will admit it...I have a school picture in which I am pretty much sporting the same mullet as this young gun. Except I was in high school.


  • All In The Family 6 of 15

    Holy crap. Ho. Ly. Crap.


  • Autumn Leaves 7 of 15

    You see that cute kid? That's the Green Bay Packer's football star, Clay Matthews, in his kindergarten photo. Dude started kicking butt and taking names the moment this photo was snapped...and he hasn't stopped since.


  • Power Trio 8 of 15

    Three brothers, all with epic mullets. My guess is that they are still very close to each other. And that they probably all play in the same killer rock band.


  • Christmas Mullet 9 of 15

    A holiday classic.


  • Bros 10 of 15

    Two young brothers, two extraordinary haircuts.


  • Hocky Hair Forever 11 of 15

    If mullets had their own Hall of Fame, you know this little fellow would be in it.


  • Business Out Front, Party In The Back 12 of 15

    What a sweetheart. She is going to treasure this photo someday, I'll bet.


  • Not Messing Around 13 of 15

    This guy had a lot of styles going on all at once. That's called the 'Not Messing Around' mullet.


  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bowllett! 14 of 15

    Yes, the guy in the center has a flaming red hardcore mullet. Doesn't matter. On the right we have the most impeccable example of a bowl-cut mullet, or BOWLLET, ever seen in the history of time and space; it grabs your attention and holds it. Forever.


  • The Best For Last 15 of 15

    When it comes to our little look at  'Kids with  Mullets' did I save the very best for last? Well, you tell me.



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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