Ice Age 4 Does Dad Right

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift opens in theaters tomorrow (Friday, July 13) and it is sure to be a hit (here’s my review of Ice Age 4).

The film is part four (I did the math myself!) of the popular Ice Age series starring Ray Romano, Denis Leary, and John Leguizamo as a trio of warm-blooded misfits in a world of cold and ice (I’m working on levels here, people). Hilarity ensues.

However, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift offers so much more than family fun, life lessons, and fart jokes. It offers a role model.

Granted, I’m of the school that movies, even those targeted primarily at kids, aren’t responsible for instilling manners and morals in our children (see, Brave). I don’t mind when movies color outside the lines of parenting political correctness and concentrate more on story than trying to please everyone (which, for the record, is impossible), but I would be lying if I claimed that I didn’t enjoy the occasional good example. Perhaps that makes me a hypocrite, but, as I mentioned words ago, it does not make me a liar, and shooting 50% from the field would make me millions in professional sports. But I digress.

Ice Age 4 has many positive subplots that deal with being true to oneself, friends and family, but also a very good example of a competent, loving, and openly fallible father. In the movies! I know!

I’m talking about Manny, the mammoth voiced by Ray Romano who everybody loves despite his playing a more bumbling cliché of fatherhood for years on the television box. Manny is family man mammoth to the core (which consists mainly of frozen fruit and bits of sea water).

Sure, the argument can be made that Manny is close-minded and hardheaded (come on, the guy’s a mammoth) in terms of being overprotective of his daughter, but it’s hard to fault a parent for being too involved. Besides, he learns from his mistakes and adjusts his parenting style accordingly. He is willing to listen, learn, and bend like so many branches with mammoths upon them. That’s an admirable trait in anyone, but especially in a fictional father character that lives through the whole movie (sorry, SPOILER).

Manny is a good dad, and that makes Ice Age 4: Continental Drift worth seeing. Also, it’s pretty funny.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift opens Friday, July 13.


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My boys and I attended a free media screening of the film for the purpose of this review. Photo courtesy of FOX.

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