Idiot of the Week: Deadbeat Dad Busted by Ex’s Brilliant Fake Movie Scheme

The next George Clooney? Uh…no.

Even after 19 years apart, Beth Ann Holderman of Emmaus, Pennsylvania knew that her daughter’s deadbeat father was just the type of self-obsessed fool to fall for it.

With $30,000 of unpaid child support for his daughter, a girl Joshua Garlathy has never even contacted or shown as much as a smidge of interest in, Beth Ann recently said: enough is enough.

According to an article in the Lehigh Valley’s Morning Call newspaper, the mom had kept track of her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy over the years and knew that he was in Hawaii (because it was the only place too far for the Pennsylvania law to travel to to arrest him.)

So with the help of a bounty hunter, they concocted a ridiculously wonderful scheme.

They offered the deadbeat Garlathy, an actor-wannabe, a role as a villain called Dirty Nick in a film called Banished In Brooklyn, starring none other than Jennifer Aniston. Then they waited.

It didn’t take long of course. The dude was all over it.

So, the “producers” of the film/real-life bounty hunter told Garlathy that there would be a plane ticket in his name to Philadelphia where the film was scheduled to start shooting. They gave him the time/date info. And then they went down to the airport with the law to wait for the man who had fallen hook, line, and sinker for his ex’s trick.

And, as the Morning Call points out, to make things even more sweeter for all the mom’s or dad’s who have been stung by heartless careless parents for years now, when Garalthy got off the plane, thinking he was headed for a film breakthrough, he was being filmed all right. Because standing right there with all the waiting cops were a bunch of film cameras…shooting a reality show about deadbeat dads.

Looks like the idiot will get some face time on film after all.

Info: The Morning Call



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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