Idiot of the Week: ‘Eagle Dad’ Takes 4 Year-Old Son Up Mt. Fuji, Gets Stranded

Is little Duoduo feeling his daddy’s love?

Tiger Mom, we hardly knew ya.

Eagle Dad is back in the picture, and this time he is waging serious war for the coveted ‘Most Overbearing Jackass To Ever Parent a Child’ award.

According to an article on the Toronto Star’s website, He Liesheng, the Chinese father of  a four year-old boy, who gained previous notoriety for making his kid run across snowy ground in his skivvies and sail boats all by himself, has outdone himself.

Liesheng, also conveniently known as ‘Eagle Dad’ because of his rigorous/ridiculous(?) philosophy concerning child-rearing, says,”When a baby eagle is big enough, parents push it from the nest over the cliff, this way they have to learn to fly,” said He. “I want to create an environment like that, for kids to grow up so they fulfill their potential… toughen them up.

Oh jeez.

Well, this time there apparently wasn’t enough ‘eagle’ in his or his son, Duoduo, because the father/son team attempted to climb Mount Fuji and, surprise…they got stranded.

Now, I suppose there are people out there who might view this story in a slightly different light had the two actually made it up the high summit of one of the most dangerous places on Earth,  but that ain’t what happened here, folks, so that particular argument is dead.

Instead, what did occur was this: a reckless adult needlessly endangered the life of his own toddler by taking the child on one of the most insane journeys known to mankind, where they,” …trudged for 15 hours and made it to 3,400 metres before the father-son team, suffering from altitude sickness, had to be rescued by park rangers,” according to the article in The Star.


Why would someone do that to their own kid?

To promote his book?

To get on TV?

To make money?

Who even cares. Whatever his warped reasoning might be, this could have been one of the worst mountain climbing tragedies in a long long time. A child with no say in his own fate could have easily perished at the hands of a raging egomaniac.

And for that, I say he is our ‘idiot of the week’, hands down.


Info: The Toronto Star


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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