I’m Going to Buy a Motorcycle . . . In 18 Years

Why I'm Waiting 18 Years to Buy a MotorcycleTwo years into my marriage I went to a local bank and cashed a check that I had been issued by a credit card company that I had an account with for a few years. The amount? $2,000.  Why? Because I had to buy an old 1980 motorcycle from my friend, and thus began the era of waiting at least one month before making a major purchase.

At the time of the purchase my wife knew I was hooked on motorcycles.   desperately wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I dreamed about Harleys. I scoured the internet. I searched the local classifieds looking for an affordable Harley. In between searching, I developed plans for how we could afford it, and I developed a script on how I would inform Casey about the intended purchase.

After several months of coping with my obsession, I realized I wouldn’t be able to afford a Harley for several years. We weren’t in a financial situation to be able to buy a motorcycle. It was at that time that I visited my friend and took his old Honda CB750 motorcycle for a joy ride. The next day while Casey was at work, and without talking to her, I gathered the cash from my credit card and I bought that motorcycle that day.

For the first year after I bought that Honda, I rode that bike everywhere. It got great gas mileage and it allowed me to have excellent parking on my school’s campus. A year after the purchase the bike began to have trouble and it never really ran right again. Another $2,000 was eventually drained into the motorcycle to try to fix it, but nobody could fix the bike. I eventually sold the motorcycle only days before I moved to Indiana for a fraction of what I paid for it.

Despite the colossal failure that was my first motorcycle, I still have the itch to buy a Harley Davidson. There will come a time in the future when I get my wish and I drive a Harley Davidson home. I no longer search the internet or the classifieds for cheap ones, but I will take a second look at ones that are parked on the side of the road with giant For Sale signs taped to them.

That’s as far as I’ll go with my motorcycle obsession. I have two little girls who need a father in their lives and riding a motorcycle is too risky. I’ve been on a motorcycle as cars have pulled out in front of me and I’ve had to swerve to avoid getting hit. There’s only so much a motorcycle driver can do to protect himself/herself from getting hit by non-observant drivers, and those non-observant drivers win nearly all of those battles. My dad rode a motorcycle on and off for all throughout my childhood, and he made it out alright. But for me, it’s just too risky. So, my dream of owning a Harley will have to wait for at least another 18 years.

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