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Everyone loves a good photograph. They are so much better than a thousand words.

With the advent of smartphones and mobile apps, we all have the ability to take some pretty awesome photos without having to buy a ton of equipment or, and this is the best part, have any actual talent. The latter really plays well to my lack of strengths. Enter the Instagrams.

Instagram is the most popular of the mobile photography apps. Just ask Facebook! Instagram is a small company with roughly a dozen employees, give or take, and no actual revenue stream, yet Facebook just bought it for a billion dollars. That’s over a billion dollars more than I have ever paid for anything (adjusted for inflation). Why did they spend so much? Because Instagram has over 30 million users. No matter how you do the math that equals a lot.

Why are so many people using Instagram? I can’t speak for everyone, but I use it because it allows me to take pictures on my iPhone and make them look like I’m being artsy and “have an eye for that” or whatever the kids are saying these days.

Instagram, thanks to its many filters, has a way of capturing moments and immediately making them into memories. It’s like magic on an iPhone, which to be fair, is also like magic. Some of my favorite family photos, namely the pictures of my kids in the wild, have been taken with (or adjusted by) Instagram. I’m pretty happy with the digital family photo album that I’m creating.

Want some examples? Of course you do! Please enjoy these Instagram pictures of my kids:

  • Revenge 1 of 25
    This is my oldest son, Atticus, when he was a wee lad. The dogs messed with his food. He messed back. (He's not really pooping in the bowl, but it's funnier if we all pretend that he is.)
  • The Gift of Flight 2 of 25
    The Gift of Flight
    This is Atticus in his first flying machine, which was actually a cardboard box. I would zoom around the yard and he would look at me like this.
  • Digging With Mommy 3 of 25
    Digging With Mommy
    That's my wife, Tricia, on the right. She was six months pregnant here with our second child. She and Atticus shared some quality time on the shores of Catalina Island.
  • Family Band 4 of 25
    Family Band
    This was taken just days before baby number two joined the fold. Atticus and I played some backyard jams. The dog was a fan.
  • Baby Food 5 of 25
    Baby Food
    This is a few months after Zane joined the family, and just before I ate him. Apparently.
  • Best Bros 6 of 25
    Best Bros
    The boys are 2.5 years apart, and they were close right from the start. They still are. Usually.
  • Christmas Past 7 of 25
    Christmas Past
    My family lives in Arizona, and this was Christmas Eve at my father's house — something that we don't get to do very often.
    My stepmother died this past February, and I'm glad I have these photos so the boys grow up with memories of her.
  • Knight and Day 8 of 25
    Knight and Day
    There were these knights with capes and swords, and a dragon in a castle. It was awesome. Very Lord of the Rings had it been set in Southern California.
  • Turning a New Leaf 9 of 25
    Turning a New Leaf
    We lived in Seattle for a few years and these huge leaves were plastered by constant rains into patterns along the sidewalks and streets. They make great hats.
  • Reflecting 10 of 25
    This is the stream that runs through the dog park we used to frequent just outside of Seattle. Salmon were also welcome.
  • How Much for That Doggy in the Window 11 of 25
    How Much for That Doggy in the Window
    The back of this pet store faced a popular walkway, and it was painted with puppies in windows. My boys thought it a good place to chill.
  • Bumps in the Night 12 of 25
    Bumps in the Night
    On a trip to Disneyland Atticus fell and cracked his head open. I was in the Disneyland Hotel getting ready to interview Jack Johnson when I got the call. Needless to say I canceled the interview and spent hours in ER getting staples in my son's head. By the way, if you ever want crowds to get out of your way at Disneyland try carrying around a kid bleeding heavily from the head. People couldn't move fast enough.
  • Reflecting II 13 of 25
    Reflecting II
    The dog park in winter was much more gray than green, but it was still awesome — and very, very muddy.
  • Dog Days are Over 14 of 25
    Dog Days are Over
    The boys love animals, especially dogs. This was taken at my grandparents house in Arizona on a pretty sad day. The boys had no idea.
    The story of that trip.
  • One Ring to Bind Them 15 of 25
    One Ring to Bind Them
    The boys were the ring bearers at my sister's wedding and they looked good doing it. They get that from their mother (who was a bridesmaid). I was the officiant and, following the ceremony, drunk.
  • The Scare 16 of 25
    The Scare
    Zane had been feeling down for a number of days, which is unlike him, but it was winter in Seattle and everyone was kind of sick. It wasn't until we had a house full of children and he decided to sleep on the floor rather than play that we knew something was up. We took him to the local Urgent Care, and they strapped him in an ambulance for a ride to the hospital. SCARED. THE. CRAP. OUT. OF. US. But he's fine now.
  • Magic Red Carpet Ride 17 of 25
    Magic Red Carpet Ride
    We attended the world premiere of Real Steel and the boy met every robot in the movie. We also had a funny moment where the young actor Atticus Shaffer (The Middle) answered when I was calling for my son. Hilarity ensued.
  • Waving 18 of 25
    Now that we're back in Southern California we spend a lot of time at the beach because, hello, we're in Southern California and there's a beach. Also, affordable.
  • Trolley Time 19 of 25
    Trolley Time
    When Atticus and I were in San Francisco for some Star Wars fun it was his first visit to the city. Trolleys came up big that trip.
  • Nana Beach 20 of 25
    Nana Beach
    When my mom comes to visit she usually takes a lot of photos. This time she was too caught up in the boys and I beat her to the punch.
  • Rock Star 21 of 25
    Rock Star
    That object in the air is a rock that Atticus was throwing and catching while walking down the beach. I know, don't throw rocks, but come on, did you see the picture?
  • Sandy Blond 22 of 25
    Sandy Blond
    Zane looks bigger in this photo than any other to date, and while I think it's adorable, I'm against it. Pace yourself, kid.
  • A Pirate’s Life 23 of 25
    A Pirate's Life
    "We're beggars and blighters and ne'er do-well cads, Drink up me hearties, yo ho Aye, but we're loved by our mommies and dads, Drink up me hearties, yo ho" — Pirates of the Caribbean song, which can be heard about 150 feet from where these little pirates were posing
  • Hush Puppies 24 of 25
    Hush Puppies
    Tricia's folks recently welcomed two puppies to the family, and the boys warmed to them immediately. You know, because they're puppies.
  • Great Grandpa 25 of 25
    Great Grandpa
    My grandfather is about as ornery of a curmudgeon as you're ever likely to meet (and I mean that in the nicest way), but he's got nothing but smiles for the boys when they visit. They return the favor.

What about you? Do you use smartphones or Instagram for your family photos? Why or why not?

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