Kablooey: Dealing With the Ticking Toddler Time Bomb

angryAs much as I love this stage of maturation that Vivi is in,  I’m looking forward to when this ticking toddler time bomb stage is behind me.  This age of a little over two-and-a-half is one of my favorite stages as a father. Vivi is the perfect age where I can chase her around and tickle her or play little games that she’ll soon grow out of.

Her use of words has also increased significantly during this stage.  She loves to tell me, “Don’t touch it, daddy.” Or, “Don’t eat my belly.”  She uses new words and phrases each day.  My favorite new phrase of last week?

Me:  “Sheesh, you’re a big baby.”

Vivi: “No, I a shmall one.”

My favorite phrase of this week:  “Sorry ’bout that.”  It’s those moments that I am going to miss the most about this stage of Vivi’s growth.

What I won’t miss is the toddler ticking time bomb part of this stage. It’s like clockwork every time it happens. The most common time it happens is when Addie pulls out her coloring book and crayons. Without fail Addie will forget to get Vivi a coloring book and crayons of her own. Vivi will wander over to Addie and demand her coloring book and crayons.  Addie will tell her no and the countdown begins.

Vivi will shriek in frustration and that will be my first indication that Vivi is about to explode.  I’ll quickly shout to Addie that she needs to get Vivi her own coloring book and crayons.  Addie undoubtedly will say, “What?” Realizing we’re about to run out of time, I’ll loudly and quickly slur my words together so the message can get to Addie as quickly as possible.  Without fail Addie will give me a quizzical look, which I can’t blame her for because the chance of her understanding the loud mumbles that came out of my mouth are pretty small.

No matter, I’ll shout to Addie, “Get Vivi a coloring book, now.”

If Addie understands the request at that time, we’ve diffused the toddler time bomb.  If Addie doesn’t understand the request, the toddler time bomb will go off, and Vivi will shriek as loudly as possible and throw herself to the floor in fits of rage. There’s a good chance she’ll find something valuable sitting near her and throw it against the wall. Sometimes she’ll even take her head and hit it against the floor. Thankfully, she learned last year that if she’s going to take her temper tantrums that far that she needs to make sure she finds a carpeted area first — our bamboo floors are exceptionally hard.

Vivi certainly has more temper issues than Addie had when she was a toddler, so we know we’re going to be dealing with this temper of hers for the next 15 to 20 years, but I’m hopeful as Vivi ages she’ll give us more than 15 to 30 seconds to deal with whatever is setting her off before she goes berserk.

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