Lego Got It Right. In the 1950s.

I’m suddenly smitten with Lego advertising.

Sure, I got bent out of shape like pretty much everyone else at the thought of Lego Friends, that horrible little new system that isn’t so much about Lego construction as it is about Lego doll play — which, well, my daughter already has dolls.

No, what really got me was this amazing Lego commercial from the 1950s. It’s so weird that we look at the 1950s as a time when girls really were expected to play with just dolls and “girl things” and yet Lego 1955 is eons ahead of Lego 2012.

The message then was: Of course boys and girls can play with regular Legos. And of course they can play together.

The message now is: Buy two sets.

How sad and overtly, obnoxiously manipulative is that?

Lego says girls just don’t play with Lego anymore. Well, you know, Lego left girls completely off their radar for the last decade — isn’t it really a surprise? So now to bring girls back into the fold, Lego has forsaken the very thing that makes Lego great — building crap — in favor of … I don’t know what. Lego Avatars? Barely building anything at all?

I wish Lego 2012 would take some advice from its more culturally aware and evolved 1955 former self.

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