Little Santa!: Pictures of Babies Dressed Up Like Santa Claus

Little Santa

Each year, I like to dress my kids up in Santa suits when it’s time to go visit with Santa.

This accomplishes two things. First, it provides the kids with a really good reason to get gussied up like the jolly elf himself. (Not that they really need a reason to put a costume on, or do any of the stuff that they do come to think of it, but they definitely dig donning the suit, so that’s that.)

The second reason for decking them out in the official Santa Claus uniform is that it brings me skyscrapers of joy, ya’ll!  Hey, they’re my kids, right? I helped make ’em after all, so if it’s my favorite part of the season to see them dressed like the big guy, then so be it.

I deserve a little Christmas spirit too, and I know just how to get it.

Let’s face facts here.

Tiny children, especially squat, plump babies with dimpled smiles and innocent glistening eyes, they make the best Santa Clauses outside of the real thing. It’s almost as if there is some master plan floating around out in the cosmos that assures the goofballs and wingnuts down here on Planet Earth that no matter how bad things get, no matter how much we manage to screw stuff up sometimes, there are always gonna be a new batch of “tiny tots with their eyes all aglow” next year.

And the year after that.

So what do you say, let’s all fawn over some short-stacks in their Santa Clasus suit, shall we?

Because Christmas is almost here and we all owe it to ourselves to smile like we’re about to smile.

  • Super Santa! 1 of 12
    Super Santa!
    Everyone loves to wear the 'Santa Suit', especially babies. It's bright, soft, and gives you Superpowers, so what's not to like, right?
  • Elf In Training 2 of 12
    Elf In Training
    Babies are also known in some circles in the North Pole as 'Elves in Training'. Does your little one have what it takes to be the next Kris Kringle?
  • Proud Parents 3 of 12
    Proud Parents
    I love dressing my son and my daughter in Santa suits because it makes me imagine them flying through the night sky on a reindeer-driven sleigh. Plus, the photo-ops are tremendous.
  • No Beard Needed 4 of 12
    No Beard Needed
    Baby Santa doesn't need a beard to melt hearts.
  • Just Like Daddy 5 of 12
    Just Like Daddy
    Most of the time, the Christmas apple doesn't fall too far from the Christmas tree, huh?
  • The Uniform of the Stars 6 of 12
    The Uniform of the Stars
    As soon as any baby anywhere dons the most famous red suit in all the land, they are instantly transformed into the superstar of their house.
  • Do I Know You? 7 of 12
    Do I Know You?
    You look familiar? Did you used to hang out at the mall?
  • Happiness 8 of 12
    When a young person puts on the Santa suit they usually become quite happy. Unless they're hungry. Or they've pooped. Then all bets are off.
  • The King of Christmas 9 of 12
    The King of Christmas
    Hey. How YOOOOOU doin? (Is this the greatest picture of all-time or what?)
  • Sleepy Eyes 10 of 12
    Sleepy Eyes
    Of course, being Santa is hard work, so if sleepy eyes should appear, it's no big whoop.
  • North Pole Dreamin’ 11 of 12
    North Pole Dreamin'
    Every Santa needs a little rest now and then.
  • The Very Best Present 12 of 12
    The Very Best Present
    These little Santa Clauses are the best present we could ever get, huh? Happy holidays!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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