Love: My Wife Mowed the Lawn

My Wife Mowed the GrassI have a love hate relationship with my lawn.  It takes so much work to keep it green and free of dandelions and crab grass.  It also takes a long time, at least one hour each week, to mow the thing.  And when it grows extra fast due to extra rain I can increase the time it takes to mow the lawn to three hours per mow.  But it is only because it is so thick and green that it takes those three hours to mow during super rainy weeks.

While I hate heading out once a week to mow the lawn, I love the smell of a fresh mowed lawn.  I also love to create unique patterns in the lawn and then gaze out my second story bedroom window and stare at my freshly mowed lawn.  The pattern I plan on doing next?  An X in the backyard.  I’ve got it all planned out and I’ve been anxiously awaiting my chance to look at the X pattern in my freshly mowed lawn from my bedroom window.

There have been times this year, however, where I’ve pretty much thrown in the towel on mowing the lawn.  On the third week in a row of three hour mow sessions, I stormed into the house and opened my laptop and spent the next ten minutes finding the family’s future riding lawn mower.  I had had enough of the three hours it was taking to mow the lawn.  It had become clear to me that my little push lawn mower, which Addie and Casey got me for Father’s Day a few years ago, just wasn’t strong enough to do the job.  After finding the riding lawn mower I wanted I silently decided to buy the mower the next day.  Casey was going to be out of town that day, so getting permission wasn’t necessary.  I planned on using a buy now and apologize later approach, but when it came time to buy the lawn mower I had calmed down and I never made it to the store.

I’m the only one in this house who mows the lawn, so the pain I go through is usually lost and Casey and the girls.  But that all changed last week.  Casey had never used a lawn mower before, so when Addie told me a few days ago that Casey had mowed the lawn during the day so that they could go to the county fair, I laughed.  “Right, your mom didn’t mow the lawn, I promise.”  I said.  And then I continued to laugh.  But when we got home and I saw a freshly cut lawn with little strips of uncut grass every two feet, I realized I had been wrong.  My wife mowed the lawn on her own without any help or instruction from me.

Sure, the lawn looked like a rookie had cut it, but she was a rookie so that was okay.  Although I couldn’t help but laugh at the stripes of uncut grass, I loved that she was willing to put in that extra work so that my evening could be more relaxed and I love her more for it.

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