Marathon Training: Fractured Foot Plus Extra Weight Equals Strict Diet

dietDiets are miserable things. Even the mention of the word diet brings an overall feeling of misery and overall blech. But, sometimes diets are necessary evils that most of us have to deal with from time to time.

Two years ago I swore I was done doing restrictive diets. I had finally figured out an eating pattern that included appropriate proportions of food that allowed me to eat fruits and vegetables, although not as many as Casey wants me to eat, carbs, proteins, and occasional deserts. With slight adjustments here and there I could go from consistently maintaining my weight to reducing my weight with very little discomfort.

That plan worked for almost two years. My weight has mostly been steady throughout those two years. There have been periods where my weight has increased slightly and where I’ve wanted to drop a few pounds for various trips and for other reasons, but for the most part I was always happy with my weight and I’m still not all that displeased with my weight now.

The holidays came this year and I let things get slightly out of control. I gained 10 pounds more than what I consider my acceptable weight. Losing 10 pounds would probably only take me 2 to 3 weeks using my previous method of slight tweaks to my meals. But this time around I have to do something more drastic.

Last year after I finished the Indy-Mini-Marathon, I decided I would run the mini marathon again this year only I wanted to run it 25 pounds lighter than my acceptable weight. I have a really bad knee and I have needed to have it operated on for the past 6 years, but there’s this little thing called health insurance that none of us can seem to afford. Because I can’t get my knee fixed, I mostly just deal with the pain.

My knee was clearly my weakest aspect of running that race. It began to hurt halfway through the race. The pain was not the type of pain that comes from further damaging the knee, it was pain from being worn-out and exhausted.

The one thing I’ve found in the past that has helped my bad knee is if my weight is about 25 pounds lighter than my acceptable weight. Also losing 25 pounds could only help me improve on my time from last year.

In January I realized that after gaining 10 pounds over the holidays, I was 35 pounds over my goal running weight. I figured that wouldn’t be a problem because I had most of January, February, March, and April to train for the Mini-Marathon and lose the 35 pounds.

I began my training for the Mini-Marathon in January, but in late January my right foot started to hurt pretty bad whenever I ran or stepped on the foot just right. I had had that feeling before and I knew instantly what was wrong. I had a stress fracture in my foot and the only way to make the pain go away was to rest it for 1 to 2 months. Just like that out went my three solid months of training and the resulting 35 pounds of weight loss.

I’m not the quitting type, so I’ll run that half-marathon even if both my feet end up being broken, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do something to at least help improve my chances of beating my time from last year. Since I can’t run right now, I decided to get on a very restrictive 2 month diet in the hopes of losing at least 20 pounds by April 1. Once April comes I can restart my training and lose the last 15 pounds through heavy exercise and a strong diet.

That means for the next three months I’m going to hate and love the sight of Oreo Cookies. And I’m pretty sure I smelled my secretary make herself a cup of hot chocolate the other day while I was at work. Although, it was a little weird that I could smell the hot chocolate with my office being more than 100 feet from her office—or maybe my appetite was just hallucinating.

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