Marriage and Other Tragedies: A Brilliant New Web Series On Family Life

Marriage and Other Tragedies
Marriage and Other Tragedies

I’d never heard of Gregory Abbey until I stumbled upon the web series he created and stars in, Marriage and Other Tragedies.

Now, I want to drink a few beers with him.

And the last time I actually felt like buying a beer for someone I knew only through their work was Charles Dickens. That was a huge bummer finding out he was dead.

Anyway, as it happens, this Abbey fellow is alive and well and living and working in New York City where he has been a writer and filmmaker for the last couple decades. His resume mentions being involved in all kinds of stuff from The Good Wife and Blue Bloods voicing the part of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Still, what gets Gregory Abbey, a father himself, free beer from me (or milkshakes or whatever his poison is), is the fact that Marriage and Other Tragedies is pretty freaking brilliant.

And very very funny.

Across the five episodes produced so far, Abbey plays a married father of three kids who seems successful in life (they live in a New York apartment that actually has windows and more than one room), but who also appears to struggle with the whole balancing act that a lot of guys like me struggle with. Mainly, how the hell do I maintain my wits or my sanity, how do I preserve the little sliver of ‘cool’ I’ve got left in me, when my entire existence has become so goddamn kid-centric?

Tackling that sort of thing is nothing new, of course; recent TV shows like Up All Night as well as other web series like Pittsburgh DadĀ are bot finding gold in that mine.

But Abbey’s creation definitely deserves a chance to be grouped in with the best of the bunch.

His comedy isn’t snarky or super edgy and that’s a nice break for all of that. Thing is, his humor doesn’t need to be; he’s talking about family life and that stuff is already genuinely hilarious on it’s own if you just know how to look at it. (See the groundbreaking FX show LouisĀ for starters).

These short couple-minute episodes are lifted by Abbey’s razor-sharp writing skills (his characters say funny shit, too many characters don’t) as well as by the fact that both he and his on-screen wife, played by actress Kelly Deadmon, are naturals on screen.

Anyway, do yourself a favor and check out this episode of Gregory Abbey’s Marriage and Other Tragedies down below.

Then go watch the rest of them.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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