‘Me-Time’ for Dads: Web Series Absolutely NAILS Fatherhood

New York City writer/actor, Greg Abbey, totally won me over last year when I first wrote about his original web series, Marriage and Other Tragediesa comical look at the chaotic art of being both a dad and a husband in this modern world.

So, it makes me pretty excited whenever I see that a new episode has been finished and is ready for human consumption.

Batdad’s Bueller Kind of Day Off, the tenth episode in the series, doesn’t disappoint. Borrowing from both Batman and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the latest installment in this fantastically-produced series allows us another peek into Abbey’s unique take on  love and fatherhood.

To be specific, this time around Abbey investigates just how important it is that dads and husbands get a little bit of me-time every now and then. Even if it means faking that you’re sick so your wife can do the heavy lifting for a day.

What makes Greg Abbey’s stuff so unique and hilarious, I think, is the very fact that he actually IS a dad and and husband, and yet he is also a heck of a writer, managing to capture in just under eight minutes what many of us spend a good part of our lives living through, but rarely focus on.

Dads (and moms too, of course) dedicate a lot of their daily lives to making sure that everything runs smoothly for their kids. And carting them around 300 places a day. Yet, we rarely allow ourselves to take that certain kind of ‘sick day’ from the madness of being a parent, the Ferris Bueller kind, where we just pack in everything else, call out of work, and head on out in the sunshine of the day to treat ourselves to an afternoon of whatever the hell we want to treat ourselves to.

I don’t want to give too much more away, really. Just watch below to see what Abbey and company have been up to for ten excellent episodes so far.

Then, when you’re done smiling, maybe share it with a couple other moms and dads you know who will totally dig the notion of maybe skipping regular life every now and then to run around Manhattan for a few hours dressed up like a superhero.

Because, c’mon, you know you know at least a couple people like that, now don’t you?

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