Mom Stranded In Blizzard Writes Final Letter To Children

Bad snow.
Bad snow.

It is too much for most parents to even imagine, but for one 41 year-old mother of  two, it became the harshest reality.

She was writing a final letter to her children.

The words she wrote while stuck in her weather-forsaken car during this past weekend’s mega-blizzard are a bittersweet reminder of how fragile life is, and to what matters the most.

Yahoo! piece out today says that the mother, who was stranded after the blizzard swiftly bombarded much of the country’s Northeast corridor with a sudden fast-moving onslaught, was one of “hundreds of drivers who spent a fearful, chilly night stuck on highways in a blizzard that plastered New York’s Long Island with more than 30 inches of snow..”

During that time her spirits sunk so low that she felt that she had better prepare for the absolute worst, so she found some paper and a pen and wrote what she felt might be her last words to her children, 9 year-old Sophia and 5 year-old John.

A CBS New York web report quoted her heart-wrenching letter.

“If you are reading this, that means that mommy’s physical body is gone, but my heart and soul will always be with you. I will be there when you get braces, when you have your first kiss, your prom, when you graduate high school and college,”

She told her daughter that she was “picture-perfect beautiful.”

And she told her son:

“Remember all the things that mommy taught you. Never say you hate someone you love. Take pride in the things you do, especially your family…. Don’t get angry at the small things; it’s a waste of precious time and energy. Realize that all people are different, but most people are good.”

Pretty beautiful stuff that is hard to read given the circumstances, huh?

Luckily though, there was a really happy ending for Priscilla Arena and her family; she survived to read her letter aloud to her husband and kids thanks to a US Army truck that was able to come in and collect the stranded drivers after they’d been out there in that snow for over 12 hours.

Still, her letter remains wildly beautiful and universal nonetheless; a testimonial to the big important stuff us parents sometimes tend to forget.


Info sources: Yahoo!, CBS Local


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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