My 20 Favorite Photos of Addie From 2012

This Addie girl of mine sure is a special little girl. She’s so full of love and happiness it’s hard not to have at least some of that sunshine rub off on everyone else in the house. I’ve watched her as she’s turned into one of the best big sisters out there as she’s watched and cared for her little sister. Those two girls are completely inseparable. Whenever they are apart they constantly ask about each other.

The other day Addie told me she wanted to become the best big sister in the world and to excel in loving other people and being kind. As I sat there and listened to the things that were coming out of Addie’s mouth, I couldn’t help but wonder what I had done earlier in this life to deserve the right to be the father of such a wonderful person.

Vivi grew quite a bit in 2012 and it was pretty noticeable in her pictures. She entered 2012 as a baby and exited 2012 as a full-blown toddler with teeth and nobby knees.  She rolled her way into 2012 and walked her way right out of 2012. There’s no question the transition from a baby to a toddler is pretty significant, but when I look back at all the photos that were taken in 2012 I can’t help but think that Addie may have changed even more than Vivi.

Here are my 20 favorite photos of Addie from 2012:

  • Straight Haired Addie 1 of 20
    Straight Haired Addie
    Straight haired Addie scares me. I'm going to end up being one of those fathers who constantly worries about his daughter being chased by overly hormonal teenagers.
  • The Year of the Monkey Bars 2 of 20
    The Year of the Monkey Bars
    Addie figured out the monkey bars in 2012. At recess each day at school she could be found going back and forth on the monkey bars.
  • Addie and Vivi 3 of 20
    Addie and Vivi
    Addie taught Vivi many things in 2012. Here she gives Vivi one of her first tastes from an ice cream cone.
  • Gymanstics 4 of 20
    Addie went to gymnastics each week and got better and better with each lesson. The year concluded with Jaycie Phelps giving Addie a medal.
  • Addie and the Beach 5 of 20
    Addie and the Beach
    Addie went to the beaches in Florida for the first time and she spent hours running up and down the shoreline searching for seashells.
  • Addie Grows Up 6 of 20
    Addie Grows Up
    Addie seemed to transition from a young kid to a young lady. I can't help but think that my time with her is quickly running out.
  • Cartwheels 7 of 20
    When Addie is home she can usually be found doing cartwheels through the front room.
  • Our Backyard 8 of 20
    Our Backyard
    Addie struck a pose for Casey in this picture. When we looked at the picture we realized that Addie is starting to look more and more like Casey.
  • Addie and Vivi 9 of 20
    Addie and Vivi
    Addie and Vivi are inseparable. They play together in the house for hours. Addie's goal is to be the best big sister the world has ever seen. She's doing a pretty good job if you ask me.
  • Addie Travels 10 of 20
    Addie Travels
    Addie and Casey took a few trips together in 2012. Here Addie wraps herself in a towel at a hotel in Chicago.
  • Jumping on the Bed 11 of 20
    Jumping on the Bed
    Here Addie is in the same hotel in Chicago as she jumps back and forth between the two beds in the room.
  • Addie and Vivi 12 of 20
    Addie and Vivi
    Addie loves to read to Vivi and Vivi loves being read to. It's a win/win for both of them.
  • Addie in the Rain 13 of 20
    Addie in the Rain
    It would be impossible to explain just how much Addie loves to play in the rain. Here she takes Vivi out into the rain to show her why playing in the rain is so much fun.
  • Addie and Her Cousin 14 of 20
    Addie and Her Cousin
    This picture reveals so much about Addie's personality. Addie has a lot of love in her, and here she shows that love to her new cousin.
  • Addie Rides a Horse 15 of 20
    Addie Rides a Horse
    Addie rode her first horse this year. There's something about horses and little girls that go together. Casey was just as excited to ride a horse as Addie was.
  • Fashion 16 of 20
    Addie loves to put on fashion shows. She uses random stuff she finds in the house to put her little outfits together and then she pretends to walk the runway.
  • Addie Twirl 17 of 20
    Addie Twirl
    Addie loves twirly dresses. She rates her dresses by how well they twirl.
  • Addie and her Grandfather 18 of 20
    Addie and her Grandfather
    Addie spent quite a bit of time with her Grandpa Fish in Utah. She loved helping him in his workshop as he built various projects out of wood.
  • Addie on the Open Seas 19 of 20
    Addie on the Open Seas
    Addie went on her first Disney Cruise in 2012. Here she spends some time on the shore in the sun.
  • Addie 20 of 20
    If there were ever a picture that perfectly displays Addie's personality, this would be the picture.

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