My Kids are Introverts But They Dance and Sing

danceThe Frozen wave hit this home before I knew how much of an impact that movie was going to have on kids and adults everywhere. Addie and Casey went to Frozen on its opening night and then about a week later Addie and Casey loaded up Vivi and headed to Frozen again. If I remember right, Addie and Casey went to Frozen at least a couple more times after that. The kids have even been to the dollar theater to watch Frozen even after we bought the movie when it became available.

The first day the Frozen Soundtrack was available for purchase Casey downloaded it on Itunes and it has become a staple in our house ever since. Those two kids sing Frozen songs as if there is nothing else going on the in the world. Addie can sing each song word for word without any mistakes. It’s interesting to listen to Addie sing the song where Anna and Hans sing about their love, because Addie refuses to sing any of the words Hans sings. Her timing is impeccable as she jumps in as Anna just as Hans finishes his words.

Addie and Vivi have always loved to sing and dance in our house. When Vivi was maybe 6 months old she used to roll on the ground to the beat of the Black Keys. In fact, even now when the Black Keys comes on the radio Vivi gets excited and starts bouncing her shoulders to the beat.

Our car is filled with girls voices from the back seats as they sing the words to each song that comes on the radio. And when they’re inside they both dance to the music as if nobody is watching.

I’m an introvert. Actually, I’m probably a bit of an extreme introvert. I don’t like social gatherings. I dread small talk. Dancing isn’t something my mind will let me do and singing is unfathomable. I’m not a singer and I don’t know how to dance, but my introverted personality won’t let me even try.

Addie and Vivi are very similar to me. My kids are introverts and that worries me. It’s not that there is anything wrong with introverts. I certainly don’t think there is anything wrong with me, but being an introvert has given me certain challenges that I loathe and I don’t want my kids to loathe those same challenges. I want them to learn to cope with their introverted-ness and avoid the social anxiety and fear of chit chat that I suffer from. I want them to be able to go to their high school proms not worrying about whether they will be brave enough to dance, and if they want to learn how to sing I want them to be able to practice in front of people.

Although my kids’ dance moves and tones as they sing aren’t perfect, Casey and I have always been very careful not to make a face or acknowledge any kind of a mistake because we don’t want to scare our kids away from their dancing and singing. Being comfortable enough to let themselves go in this environment could help them later on down the road so that they will be comfortable in other environments as well. Hopefully it will give them an opportunity to develop their personalities in a way I was never able to do.

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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