My Little Girl, Addie

My wife got pregnant at about the same time as many of my friends’ wives got pregnant. My friends all wished for sons and talked about what activities they could not wait to do with their boys. Then there was me, all alone in my wishes, practically praying for a daughter. My prayers and wishes came true when Addie Paddy Pudd’n Pie, kissed the boys and made them cry was born.  That’s my little girl. She is also known as, the Moosh, Paddy Wagon, Curly Headed Cutie, Naughter Pants, Girlie Poo and Pooly Girl.

Addie has become one of my closest friends. She is a very unique girl for a number of reasons. I let Addie at the age of three have a cup of ice cream in the back seat of my car only to arrive home with ice cream melted all over her face, clothes, and my back seat.  She had fallen asleep mid-cup. I have taken her to soccer practice only to watch her refuse to play soccer anywhere near other kids, even though she had the distinct ability to kick the ball exceptionally well for a three-year-old girl. I have taken her to gymnastics and as she waited in line for her turn to do the uneven bars, watched her break out into full dance at the moment an Avril Lavigne song came on the loud speakers throughout the gym.

I have watched her be bullied by the neighborhood boys and wished that I could somehow convey to her that in ten years she will have the upper hand and those boys will realize their mistake. Addie has picked arguments with me and has been able to identify the irrelevant parts of my argument in order for her to win the argument (as a lawyer, I cannot help but beam with pride when she uses these tactics against me, even though the arguments can be frustrating).

Here is a little more about Addie to help you understand what I am dealing with and why I am so terrified of when she turns fifteen:

  • Casey Pregnant with Addie 1 of 10
    Casey Pregnant with Addie
    While my wife was pregnant with Addie, I became jealous of the firsthand experiences she was able to have with Addie. At Addie's birth, I made sure I was the first person to get to touch Addie and it is a moment I will never forget.
  • Four Day Old Addie 2 of 10
    Four Day Old Addie
    Just prior to Addie's birth, my employer threatened to fire me if I attended her birth and my college professors threatened to flunk me if I missed an exam for her birth. Addie decided to come into this world during work and in the middle of finals. I studied for my finals as my wife was in labor, but after Addie's birth, my finals and work took a back seat--that little girl had captured my heart.
  • Natural Curls 3 of 10
    Natural Curls
    Addie has naturally curly hair that gets extremely curly as the humidity rises.
  • Little Addie 4 of 10
    Little Addie
    I was told a number of times that little Addie looked a lot like Shirley Temple and the little girl from Knocked Up.
  • Current Addie 5 of 10
    Current Addie
    I have been told a number of times that current Addie looks a lot like young Dakota Fanning.
  • Straight Hair Addie 6 of 10
    Straight Hair Addie
    Addie loves to have her hair straightened and I cringe every time, because, well, I think we call all understand why I as her father would cringe.
  • Addie Reading to Vivi 7 of 10
    Addie Reading to Vivi
    Addie learned to read before kindergarten and she now, as a first grader, reads at a third grade level.
  • Random Moment of Dance 8 of 10
    Random Moment of Dance
    Addie loves to dance and can often be seen breaking into dance at the first sounds of any Michael Jackson song, Avril Levigne song, Taylor Swift song and many other songs.
  • Mascara Moosh 9 of 10
    Mascara Moosh
    Addie has decided on a number of potential careers, including: McDonalds drive-through girl; veterinarian; freelance writer and photographer like her mother; and rock star. At no point has she shown any desire to become a lawyer, which she considers to be extremely boring.
  • Addie Reading to Vivi 10 of 10
    Addie Reading to Vivi
    Addie just might be the best big sister in the world.

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