My Love of Family Movie Night

My Love of Family Movie NightMy sisters and I used to get excited each Saturday night to see the square VHS case that my parents rented from the from the VHS rental store. Almost every weekend, my parents would go out on a date and while they were on their date they would rent a VHS movie that we could watch as a family on Sunday evening.

I have fond memories of movie night as a kid. Each Sunday night my family would gather in the family room and we’d all have our designated spots where we’d sit. My parents would make some kind of treat that we could eat throughout the movie. My favorite was homemade caramel popcorn. It was a time that my family got to spend together and it didn’t matter if the movie ended up being bad. In fact, I don’t remember any bad movies as a kid when we watched as a family.  The way I remember those movies is that they were all good.

I’ve tried to start the same tradition of family movie night in my home. We don’t always rent a movie each weekend; instead, we only rent movies when something new comes out. If there are no new movies that week I’ll choose a movie from our movie collection. Over the years we’ve collected far more movies than I expected us to—we’ve pretty much got all of the Disney movies and Dream Works movies that have come out over the past decade. Each Sunday afternoon we’ll put a movie in the DVD player and we’ll sit down as a family and enjoy a family oriented movie.

We rarely have snacks during the movies, but usually halfway through we’ll pause the movie and eat dinner together before heading back into the family room to finish our movie.

We’ve now had family movie night enough that Addie pretty much demands that movie night happen every Sunday. It makes me happy that Addie is enjoying family movie night as much as I enjoyed family movie night when I was a kid.

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