My Name is Cody and I’m a Dad.

They call me Cody.  They, being my wife, Casey Mullins, and my eldest daughter, Addie.  Given the mischievous nature of my ten month-old daughter, she will eventually call me Cody as well.  Of course, my daughters do and will also call me dad, daddy, that guy, the large one, the one with short hair, the one who eats all the ice cream, the one with the red shirt, the one watching TV and a myriad of other names; however, none of those names caught me off guard as much as the time when Addie first called me Cody–more on that another day.

I am new to the blogging world, and I am sure there are many family members and friends who will be completely shocked to discover that I somehow managed to find such a public space to share my experiences as a father to two girls, a husband to my wife and a son to my father.

Here are a few pieces of information about me to maybe help you better understand who I am:

  • Surrounded by Girls 1 of 10
    Surrounded by Girls
    While growing up, the thing I wanted most in this world was a brother. I ended up with three sisters and I now have two daughters.
  • Daughters 2 of 10
    When I first discovered that my wife was pregnant with our first child, I badly wanted a daughter and I discovered that I was terrified of having a son.
  • Utah Alumn and Fan 3 of 10
    Utah Alumn and Fan
    Addie is going to force my family to move to a different town when she turns fifteen because the mascot of the local high school is the Cougars. I am a diehard University of Utah fan, and as such, I have learned to passionately hate Cougars (particularly, the BYU kind).
  • College Football Fan 4 of 10
    College Football Fan
    Every Saturday in the falls before Addie was born, I watched College Game Day from beginning to end followed by various college football games from noon until midnight. I watched so much college football that my wife used to use my useless knowledge about each college coach as a party trick.
  • Broncos Fan 5 of 10
    Broncos Fan
    When my wife was pregnant with Addie, she had some severe discomfort and she needed me to put a pillow under her hips. I waved her off and asked her to "hold it" until after the Broncos game. To be fair to myself, it was the fourth quarter and Denver had just blown its lead to the Raiders.
  • I Used to be a Swamper (to be explained another day) 6 of 10
    I Used to be a Swamper (to be explained another day)
    I have worked many odd jobs while trying to provide for my family.
  • I Prefer Being just with my Family 7 of 10
    I Prefer Being just with my Family
    In my personal life, I avoid social situations like people avoid the plague. I once went three weeks without saying a word to another human being and I loved every minute of it.
  • My Best Lawyer Picture 8 of 10
    My Best Lawyer Picture
    I am a lawyer and I practice any law that adds value to my employer—because, well, lawyers, like many professions, have been hit hard by the recession.
  • We are a Tight Loving Family 9 of 10
    We are a Tight Loving Family
    I put my family through hell when I went through law school and we somehow made it out ok.
  • Occassional Late Friday Night Nap 10 of 10
    Occassional Late Friday Night Nap
    When my family travels out of state without me, I dream for weeks prior to their departure about taking Nyquil the first Friday night they are all gone.

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