My Other Little Girl, Vivi

Sitting at my desk reviewing a probable cause affidavit in preparation of meeting with a first time client, I heard a short knock on the door followed by the door bursting open before I even had a chance to respond to the knock.  I knew such a knock followed by an immediate opening of the door could only be one of two people—my exuberant daughter, Addie, or the firm’s bookkeeper.  Given that it was in the morning, far too early for a visit from Addie and her mother, my wife, I fully expected to look up and see the firm’s bookkeeper.  Despite my expectations, in rushed Addie, her hair in full bounce, as she shouted, “hey dad, watcha doin?” Addie assumed her seat that was located across the desk from me and proceeded to watch me work.  I continued to review the probable cause affidavit as I waited for my wife to come into my office.  Several minutes passed by without any sign of my wife.  I knew what the next words out of Addie’s mouth would be, and sure enough, Addie shouted, “Dad, can I go hang out with Lisa in her office?”  I said “no” and, for the first time, wondered if my wife had just pulled a drive by Addie-ing.

Several minutes later I heard my wife enter my office.  I barely had the opportunity to look up from my desk when my wife threw what looked to be a magic marker across the surface of my desk towards me.  I picked up the object and wondered why my wife was giving me a magic marker.  Confused, I took a closer look at the object and realized I was holding a fancy pregnancy test stick.  Without any hesitation, I read the words and immediately and prominently uttered a word that I would regret and pay for over the next several months—I said, “no.”  Someday I will explain why I said no, but that was the beginning of what would change our little family for the better.

Eight or so months later my wife gave birth to my second daughter, Vivi, who is also known as, Vivienne, the Vivster, the Vivonator, the Veevee Baby, Bubs-be, Buby and Mozzi.  Here is some additional information, complete with pictures, about the Vivster:

  • The Magic Marker Test Stick 1 of 11
    The Magic Marker Test Stick
    After not having the opportunity to be heavily involved with my wife's first pregnancy, my wife ensured that I had every opportunity to be fully involved with her second pregnancy.
  • Vivi and Casey Shortly After Delivery 2 of 11
    Vivi and Casey Shortly After Delivery
    Vivi was born in the morning after my wife experienced hallucinations about bunny fur.
  • Vivi 3 of 11
    Vivi was noticeably bigger at birth than Addie was at birth.
  • Me Holding Vivi Shortly After Delivery 4 of 11
    Me Holding Vivi Shortly After Delivery
    I was again determined to be the first person to get to touch Vivi, but, unfortunately, the doctor unknowingly stole that moment from me.
  • Vivi 5 of 11
    It was during Vivi's birth that I realized that the birth of a father's child will always be one of the top five moments of that father's life.
  • Me Taking a Nap with Vivi the Day we Found out About her Medical Issues 6 of 11
    Me Taking a Nap with Vivi the Day we Found out About her Medical Issues
    Vivi was born with an immature digestive system and jaundice, all of which caused my wife and I some of the scariest moments of our lives.
  • Addie, Vivi and Me 7 of 11
    Addie, Vivi and Me
    VIvi has loved physical activity from the first day of life, which was fairly evident as we watched her roll over while on the heat lamp table moments after birth.
  • Vivi at her Last Checkup 8 of 11
    Vivi at her Last Checkup
    Vivi is a very large yet proportioned baby for her age.
  • Excited Vivi 9 of 11
    Excited Vivi
    Vivi loves to listen to the Black Keys and will express her happiness when a Black Keys song is played by bouncing up and down and clapping.
  • Vivi’s Mischievous Face 10 of 11
    Vivi's Mischievous Face
    As a baby and toddler, Addie would spend hours lining up her toys and making sure nothing was out of order. Vivi, on the other hand, lives to throw things out of order. She loves to empty baskets, destroy block towers, unfold laundry and play with pretty much anything she is not allowed to play with. She is the most mischievous baby I have ever been around.
  • Vivi and Me Watching Football 11 of 11
    Vivi and Me Watching Football
    Bonus information—on Sunday afternoons during football season, Vivi and I would watch NFL Redzone for several hours while my wife made dinner and worked. And by "watch," I mean I would mostly listen to NFL Redzone and occasionally glance at the TV while I played with Vivi and her toys. Even though I love being able to sit back and watch football uninterrupted for hours, I would not trade my time with Vivi for any amount of football (with an exception for Utah football games of course).

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