New Study Results: Ovulating Women Drive Men Wild

Ovulation. It makes men melt.

A new study out recently reveals that men find ovulating women to be hot and that, quite frankly, they want to get with them.

In a Yahoo! article from yesterday, a compelling set of findings from a study done by researchers from Penn State, the University of Missouri and the University of Sterling in Scotland indicate that women who are ovulating undergo certain facial and vocal changes that drive men wild.

These changes, researchers tell us, are brought about by the hormonal shifts that a woman’s body undergoes when it is most likely to conceive.

The article explains that the study took “photographs of 202 women’s faces and made recordings of their speaking voices at two points in their menstrual cycles.” Then while using saliva samples to measure their hormone levels at various times, the research team rounded up the fellows.

“More than 500 men rated the attractiveness of the women’s faces and voices from one of the two sessions.” says Yahoo!. “The ratings from the first session were averaged for each woman and then compared with ratings for her second session.”

And as it turns out, men rated the women’s faces and voices most attractive when they were each in the high-fertility phase near ovulation.

The same researchers also simultaneously asked an entirely separate group of 500 ladies to take a look and a listen to the same female pics and recordings that the men examined. These new women were asked to rate the female subjects based on “flirtatiousness and attractiveness to men.”

Guess what?

Yep. Same result.

Women rated other women more attractive overall when they were ovulating.

Anyway, is it getting hot in here or is that just me?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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