Nine Ways My Dog Was the Same as My Toddler

My family’s brief time as dog owners reminded me of how similar dogs can be to toddlers. I noticed immediately after adopting the dog how similar dogs and toddlers were when I had to try to simultaneously get my toddler strapped into her car seat and the dog buckled into the seat next to her. As each day passed, I noticed more and more similarities between the responsibilities of taking care of a dog and taking care of Vivi. Of course, not all dogs and not all toddlers are the same and ultimately taking care of toddlers is far more difficult than taking care of a dog, but there was definitely some crossover between Daisy and Vivi.

Here are 9 ways my dog was similar to my toddler:

  • Snuggling 1 of 18
    Dogs like to be snuggled.
  • Snuggling 2 of 18
    My toddler loves to be snuggled.
  • Park 3 of 18
    Dogs love to go to the park.
  • Park 4 of 18
    Toddlers love to go to the park.
  • Walks 5 of 18
    Dogs are taken for walks for exercise and entertainment.
  • Walks 6 of 18
    Toddlers get walked too.
  • Birds 7 of 18
    My dogs have all been bird hunting dogs and they would go nuts when they saw geese.
  • Geese 8 of 18
    My toddler goes nuts when she sees geese too.
  • The Kennel 9 of 18
    The Kennel
    Every dog I've ever had has gone in a kennel at night.
  • Crib 10 of 18
    My toddler goes in a kennel of sorts at night too.
  • Noise 11 of 18
    Some dogs make a lot of noise when they want out of their kennel.
  • Noise 12 of 18
    My toddler makes a lot of noise when she wants out of her crib.
  • Baths 13 of 18
    Many dogs need to have periodic and consistent baths.
  • Baths 14 of 18
    My toddler gets periodic and consistent baths as well, just on a more frequent basis.
  • Car ride 15 of 18
    Car ride
    Dogs love to go for car rides.
  • Car Rides 16 of 18
    Car Rides
    My toddler loves to go for car rides.
  • 10 Second Rule 17 of 18
    10 Second Rule
    Every dog I've ever had liked to eat random stuff off the floor.
  • dogs06 18 of 18
    My toddler likes to eat random stuff off the floor.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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