No Thanks: My Wife’s Quest to Adopt a Third Cat

My Wife's Quest for a Third CatWe made the mistake of going to a pet store the other night.  It wasn’t like we went to a pet store where the focus of the store is selling pets; it was a store where the focus is selling items for pets.  You’ve probably heard of the store, it’s Petsmart.

We go to Petsmart to get Wink his special kind of food for his sensitive bladder and food for Percy since he’s allergic to, uh, food.  I’m not kidding either, Percy’s really allergic to food.  Have I mentioned that Wink developed a bladder condition from our three days with Daisy the dog?  He also pulled off one of his own toes during Daisy’s stay with us.  Those are the two reasons the vet decided our time as owners of a dog had to end.

As I walked around the store with Vivi to show her the birds and the hamsters, Casey headed off to whatever aisle she goes to to get the cats their special food.  I walked from the lizards to the birds, and then from the birds to the fish.  From the fish back to the birds and then over to the hamsters.  From the hamsters we headed over to where the ladies were grooming the dogs.  Then from the dogs we went to the cats where Vivi had to show oooh, and yay over and over again.

Petsmart houses the cats as some sort of adoption program.  I haven’t paid enough attention to the adoption program since, you know, we already have two cats.  Anyway, there was one cat that looked like he was 30 pounds.  He was a really long and really fuzzy cat and he was dead asleep.  I actually watched his belly to make sure he was alive, because I was sure we had a dead one on our hands.  He was sleeping with his body spread out to its full length with his face pressed against the cage beneath him.  His nose wasn’t even out to one side, because his face was pressed directly against the cage floor.

After I was sure the cat was just asleep I started to make noises trying to get him to look up, but no luck.  Eventually Vivi and I gave up and went back to check out the lizards.

Before we all headed out the store Casey decided to take a look at the cats.  I showed her the cat with his face smashed against the floor of the cage.  Casey was doing everything she could to get the cat to wake up, but he wasn’t going to budge.  Vivi and I had seen it all before, so we headed over to the exit.  Then Casey shouted at us.  The cat had lifted its head up and it must have given Casey the eyes, because Casey was sold.

Casey has already named the cat Benicio.  The only problem is there is no way we are going to be a family with three cats.  I will not let my wife adopt a third cat–and yes, I know how bad it sounds to say that I will not let my wife do something, but we can barely handle the three cats we already have.  One of those cats is allergic to food and the other one pulled his own toe completely off his foot.  We don’t need another cat roaming this house, but that hasn’t stopped Casey from begging at every chance she gets for that cat.

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