Oh The Humanity! 15 Insane Vintage Car Seats for Kids (Photos)

It’s kind of funny in a way when you consider how much parenting has changed over the last 50 years or so.

It used to be that moms would open the back screen door early on a summer morning after breakfast and the kids would go scrambling out into the world like chickens cut loose from the hen house. Mom would yell,”Don’t get killed and don’t come back here until supper time!” and that would it.

Nowadays, moms and dads have moved quite far from that, for better or for worse. Partially driven by the changing world around us and partially driven by the advent of super media in our faces 24/7, most parents are a whole lot less “care-free” and lackadaisical than our parents and grandparents were.

The jury is still out of course; only time will tell if all of our helicopter-parenting and being super embedded and involved in every single aspect of our children’s lives will result in them having a better, safer experience or will simply make them more neurotic than we can imagine.

But one thing is for sure: when it comes to car seats for our kids, those of us in this newer generation of parents win hands-down.


Just take a look at these insane photos of vintage car seats for kids and you’ll see.

  • Insanity 1 of 16

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  • What the …?! 2 of 16

    Jeez-oh-man. Not much "safety" went into the blueprint this one, I'd say.

    Image: www.topito.com

  • Wow. 3 of 16

    This almost looks like a child cannon, as if it was designed to launch kids high into the stratosphere.

    Image: www.swiss-miss.com

  • So Wrong 4 of 16

    This one is from a time in history when many adult drivers had likely had a few cocktails by the time they got behind the wheel. This thing looks more like a deep sea fishing chair than a car seat for a child.

    Image: www.etsy.com

  • Oh my. 5 of 16

    Backwards, forwards, who cares?! Back in the day kids in cars were aimed all over the place.

    Image: tywkiwdbi.blogspot.com

  • Pit Stop 6 of 16

    Nothing wrong with a little break from the long ride.  How about a little fresh air, son?

    Image: www.mylittlecar.fr

  • Safety first… not. 7 of 16

    Why not just stick the kid on the hood with a box of Cracker Jack, you know?

    Image: www.topito.com

  • Cute Kid 8 of 16

    Yeah, this kid is plenty cute in his fancy duds and all, but still. Just look at that Burger King booster seat with a couple of coat hangers attached to the back!

    Image: www.mylittlecar.fr

  • Baby stays put…’ 9 of 16


    Image: fr.cars.yahoo.com

  • Hmmm. 10 of 16

    My guess is that this is what you come up with when you're a child car seat designer in the 1960s who likes his 3-martini lunches.

    Image: www.jalopyjournal.com

  • Dear Lord. 11 of 16

    Your guess is as good as mine here, people. This thing should probably be in the same category as the electric chair.

    Image: community.babycenter.com

  • A Seat for Mini-Me 12 of 16

    Look! It's a precious tiny seat for the little one right there between the grown-up seats, right behind the stick shifter.

    Image: fr.cars.yahoo.com

  • I’m Not Smiling 13 of 16

    See that kid's face? That's the look of utter fear. And who can blame him?

    Image: img.d3.ru

  • Queen of Danger 14 of 16

    It almost seems as if some parents back in the day were honestly playing a wicked game, trying to see how much danger they could cast upon their children all at once.

    Image: fr.cars.yahoo.com

  • Imagine 15 of 16

    Imagine what it must have been like to be a kid way back when there were barely any car seat laws or anything. It must have been thrilling to be up front right next to Dad in the old pick-up, huh? Now though, as a parent, I see this picture and I almost feel like calling the cops.

    Image: www.mylittlecar.fr

  • Goodbye To All That 16 of 16

    This kid had the right idea. Thank goodness the old days are over.

    Image: community.babycenter.com

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