Old Friends, My Wife, and My First Trip to An NFL Game

One day while I was tap, tap, tapping away on my computer at work, Casey surprised me in my office with an envelope. I opened it and found two tickets to the Broncos vs. Bengals game.

Casey had decided that it was time for me to go to my first ever NFL game. I had talked about going to one for years, but I didn’t want to waste my first time on a non-Broncos game.

Casey was also aware that my best friend, who was my former college roommate and the best man at our wedding, also loved the Denver Broncos and that we had long ago sworn to each other that when we became official grownups we’d plan an annual trip to a Broncos game each year.

My wife told me that one ticket was for me and one ticket was for my friend.

Going to a Broncos game with my best friend Ryan was huge for several different reasons. Ryan and I both love the Denver Broncos. When we were away at college and the Broncos clinched a spot in the 1997 Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers, we both went out, determined to buy the largest TV possible so we could watch our Broncos win their first Super Bowl.

Ryan opened a credit card account for that particular purchase and I promised to pay off Ryan’s credit card. We selected a 38″ box screen TV set from K-Mart that weighed about 500 pounds. Alright, so it wasn’t 500 pounds—maybe 450 pounds. (I have proof it still works and is used every day.) We somehow loaded that TV into Ryan’s car and we set it up in our small college dorm room.  Other students from surrounding dorms gathered in our room to watch the Super Bowl with us. As John Elway did his famous helicopter spin for a first down, both Ryan and I teared up in excitement.

After college was over, Ryan moved to Boise, and he eventually moved from Boise to Alaska. I eventually moved to Indiana and life and parenting took over, and, consequently, I hadn’t seen Ryan in more than seven years. I missed hanging out with my friend.

Over this past weekend, Ryan made his way from Alaska all the way across the country to Indiana. We went to the Broncos vs. Bengals game and had a blast. The only bad part of the trip was that he couldn’t stay for a full week. I guess that means that Casey will have to get us more tickets for next year.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend:

  • River Trip 1 of 3
    River Trip
    This was the last time I saw Ryan. He used to be a river guide on the Green River and he took Casey and I on a trip down the river almost seven years ago.
  • Ryan 2 of 3
    This is Ryan. For some reason he decided to only wear a Broncos hat to the game. I think he was a bit scared of how the Bengals fans would treat him.
  • Me 3 of 3
    I broke down and did something I swore I'd never do--I became jersey guy. I purchased my first jersey all for my first NFL game. I wasn't all that worried about Bengals fans. After all, they're Bengals fans--what can they really be arrogant about?

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