Parenting Failure: My Kid Keeps Begging Me to Give Her Piano Lessons

Parenting Failure--How not to Teach Your Kids to Play PianoOne thing I’m sure Addie’s going to be upset with me about when she turns 20 or so, will be my complete failure at teaching her how to play the piano.

The kid loves the piano. She’s constantly dinking around on the thing as she tries to teach herself various songs from the piano books I bought her two years ago. Truth be told, she’s done a really good job at learning the songs in those books without any instruction at all.

Here’s the thing, I know how to play the piano. In fact, I knew how to play the piano well enough that it landed me a piano scholarship. But even though I knew how to play the piano, with the exception of the moments I was actually playing the piano in a competition, I hated every minute of it (which will be explained in a later post).

Here I am almost 15 years after I quit, with an 8 year-old girl, who begs me weekly to teach her how to play the piano. My childhood piano sits in our chair room just waiting to be used on a daily basis. And even though I have failed to teach Addie how to play, I really, really want her to learn.

Two years ago Addie and I visited several music stores looking for beginners piano books, but we couldn’t find any books that I trusted. The kid was dejected that I wouldn’t buckle and just buy any ol’ piano book from the music store. A few weeks later, I ordered a series of beginners piano books off the Internet. They were the ones that I had learned from when I was a kid. The books arrived and a few days later I gave Addie her first and last piano lesson.

The lesson went well and I assigned Addie a couple pages in the book to practice throughout the week and we set a time and day for her next lesson.


The week passed without Addie practicing a single time, and then the day for our second lesson passed without any of us remembering what we had planned to do that day. Then another week passed, and another week and another week and another week, and then Vivi was born.

It was when Vivi was brought home from the hospital that Addie decided it was time to practice again. Unfortunately for her, the piano is located right below Vivi’s bedroom and practicing was banned whenever Vivi was taking a nap or sleeping for the night—which was most of the time.

The piano learning was put on hold for a year and that’s how it has stayed ever since. Addie still practices whenever she gets the chance, but that’s it. No lessons from me. No tracking her practicing. No listening to see how she’s progressing.

She should be 4 years into the process by now, but because I’ve been too lazy, she’s now 4 years behind and at some point in the future she’s going to understand how lame I’ve been.

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