Play Ball! Kids Playing Baseball (PHOTOS)

Winter is fading.

You can just feel it in your bones, can’t you?! (Please freaking say yes).

Okay okay, yeah, we’re still having snow up here where I live, but c’mon, the days are getting longer and one of these days the sun is going to come out and the temps are going to hit 6o and just like that: SHAZAM!

You’ll look around and kids everywhere will be playing baseball!

Oh how I love the feeling that comes with seeing young blood out on the baseball diamonds for the first time each spring. It excites me and silly-slaps my spirit awake with a resounding, “YO DUDE! Get up! It’s time! Winter is over! Time to live again!”

Some of my greatest memories were out on the ball field when I was a kid. I can still vividly recall the smell of that fresh cut grass in the outfield and the nervous butterflies zipping around my guts as me and my teammates would trot out on to the field. When you’re 6 or 9 or 12, boy or girl it doesn’t matter, baseball is this unique beautiful rite of passage that allows you to stand out there under the warm April or May sunshine and stare at the birds in sky or the caterpillar on the dandelion at precisely the exact moment that you should be catching that pop fly that lands ten feet to your left while you are in La-La Land.

And that’s a beautiful thing indeed.

For the young, baseball season is a time to be outside with other kids from your neighborhood who have been locked away all winter just like you; nothing more and nothing less. Sure, some people take it way more serious than that and that’s okay I suppose, but at the end of the day America’s Pastime will always be something that most parents encourage their kids to try out because they themselves remember the electric smell of that outfield grass and the thrilling crack of the bat and the sweet triumphant taste of the Dairy Queen after the game as some of the happiest times of our lives.

What we don’t remember, what we never remember, is who won or who lost.

And that is absolutely how it should be.

So, sayonara winter, you ghastly frigid beast!

“Play Ball!”

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    Click through to see all these heavy hitters!
  • The Gang 2 of 21
    The Gang
    Springtime means baseball time! Time to get the gang back together...or join a new gang.
  • Shake Off the Winter 3 of 21
    Shake Off the Winter
    For kids, it's time to shake off all of those wintery cobwebs and get the blood flowing again.
  • Life is Good 4 of 21
    Life is Good
    The ball symbolizes the game and the game symbolizes life. And life is good when you can live it outside on the new spring grass, huh?
  • New Things 5 of 21
    New Things
    For lots of first year players, this spring will be their big chance to learn all kinds of new things. And to be a part of something really cool called a team.
  • Legacy 6 of 21
    By playing Little League baseball, a kid becomes part of a really cool American legacy.
  • Fresh Air 7 of 21
    Fresh Air
    The great thing about baseball is that you pretty much have to play it outside in the fresh air. And after a long winter, kids need fresh air more than anything.
  • Patience 8 of 21
    Playing baseball teaches young kids a lot about patince. You have to wait your turn to bat. And often, you have to stand around a lot and wait for someone, for anyone to hit the ball your way, too.
  • Excitement 9 of 21
    When the excitement kicks in though (and it will, trust me) baseball is the greatest game in the world.
  • Thanks Coach! 10 of 21
    Thanks Coach!
    Children learn a lot from coaches. They learn that it's okay to trust someone other than a parent. And they learn to listen and pay attention to someone who is trying to help them get a big hit.
  • The Fever 11 of 21
    The Fever
    Once kids get a taste of the game of baseball, they often want to eat and breath it. Don't expect them to sit on the couch if they have baseball fever. Instead, they'll be in the yard swatting home runs.
  • Everyone Welcome 12 of 21
    Everyone Welcome
    Anyone and everyone can play baseball. It is a game that welcomes kids of all shapes and sizes and orientations and backgrounds. It is the game that loves everyone.
  • So Proud 13 of 21
    So Proud
    I haven't experienced it just yet ( my kids are still just a little too young) but is there anything that can make a parent prouder than watching their son or daughter sitting on the baseball bench or in the dugout? Just seeing them out there with their team will probably make me blubber like a big fat baby.
  • Friends 14 of 21
    No matter how many friends a kid has before baseball season, he or she will have more by the time it's all over.
  • All Summer Long 15 of 21
    All Summer Long
    Of course, a love for playing baseball can also lead to another great American tradition: rooting for a favorite pro team. And that means baseball season lasts right through the fall!
  • Dust and Dirt 16 of 21
    Dust and Dirt
    Let's be honest, kids like to get a little filthy if there is any chance of it. Luckily, baseball offers up plenty of opportunity for grass stains and muddy knees and dusty hair.
  • Saturday Mornings 17 of 21
    Saturday Mornings
    Is there a better way to spend a Saturday morning on this Earth than watching your own kid play ball with his or her friends? I seriously doubt it.
  • Practice Makes Perfect 18 of 21
    Practice Makes Perfect
    In youth T-ball and baseball, young people get to see how important it is to practice the things they want to be able to do well someday. It's just one of about a million life lessons to be learned out on the diamond.
  • That Look 19 of 21
    That Look
    Young ballplayers have a certain look about them, a look of concentration and eagerness. They want to make things happen as we watch them with stars in our eyes.
  • Good Sports 20 of 21
    Good Sports
    Maybe the best lesson any kid learns from playing baseball is the one that teaches them that no matter whether they win or lose a game, they still have every reason to hold their chin high and to shake hands with the other team.
  • Ice Cream! 21 of 21
    Ice Cream!
    And last but definitely not least, we must remember that following most baseball games there comes a time for ice cream. No wonder they call it America's Pastime. Have a great season!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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