President Obama: Evenings Are Family Time For Me (VIDEO)

Family time.

In a CNN interview recently aired, President Barack Obama states plainly that he prefers to spend his evenings at the dinner table with his family, and helping his two daughters with their homework, as opposed to schmoozing and wheeling and dealing with politicos.

The interview, featured in a  documentary the cable network aired Monday night entitled “Obama Revealed: The Man, The President”, offers a candid look at exactly why the President doesn’t always choose to spend certain time he reserves for family in any other way.

When asked about criticism that he hasn’t been as willing to play the schmooze game that has come to be expected in Washington, President Obama tells CNN chief White House correspondent Jessica Yellin, “Sometimes Michelle and I not doing the circuit and going out to dinners with folks is perceived as us being cool.”

However, he adds, that’s not the case at all.

“It actually really has more to do with us being parents.”

The President then further explains that at 6:30 each evening, if the family is all in town, he and First Lady Michelle Obama insist on having dinner with their two girls. Then, they maybe tackle some homework, too.

These are interesting comments coming in the wake of the Republican Convention where it was a common complaint among the attendees and conservative talking heads to accuse the President of a failure to work well with ‘both sides of the aisle’.

I mean, if there was ever a pretty good reason in this day and age for a President to avoid spending his entire day, and then his entire night, on the phone and in the company of fellow politicians and fundraisers and the like, maybe this guy finally got it right, no?

What criticism can we possibly aim at a guy, at a President, who chooses his family first even during the height of a campaign for continued power and office?

Of course, that is a loaded question I ask, because as we have all seen by now, there seems to be no shortage of ways for certain people to find fault with the man. But, in my humble opinion, it does shed some significant light on the very fact that so much of what we are hearing these days is pure and simple rhetoric.

It sort of indicates to me that so much of the mudslinging and witch-hunting is really just propaganda, that so many of the things that they want to tell you, to tell us, are nothing but fibs and accusations created by people who are just chomping at their bits to find major fault with a man that they don’t want as their President for reasons even they are too ashamed to admit in any public forum.

And I like the fact that our President just continues to let the naysayers bitch and complain, while he works hard all day to lead a nation that elected him, and then settles down in the evening to be with the most important Americans in his life.

If you ask me, that says a lot about Barack Obama, the man and the father.

And it says a lot about the integrity of the person out there captaining a most difficult and fickle ship, for each of us.


Info & Video: CNN

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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