Proud Father: My 8-Year-Old Sometimes Acts Like a 20-Year-Old

My Mature Beyond Her Years 8 Year-Old DaughterAddie had the chance last week to show off her babysitting skills while my sister-in-law and nephew were in town. My wife’s sister decided to bring her 1-year-old son with her from Utah to visit for the week. There aren’t many things Addie loves more than playing with her friends during the summer, but one of those things she loves to do more than almost anything is playing with her nephew.

I was gone at work for most of their visit to Indiana, but I came home for a few lunches and in the evenings I was hanging around. I noticed some consistencies. There was one common denominator every time I walked through the front door—Addie was always watching and playing with my nephew.

On a couple of those evening after I got home from work, my wife and sister-in-law took off for a night out together leaving me with Addie, Vivi, and my 1-year-old nephew. Both Vivi and my nephew had the same bedtime, which meant I was going to have to do a lot of shuffling to watch both of them and get them both in bed at the same time.   also had to watch them both for a few hours until bed time came.

I was worried the first evening that it would be too much for me to handle. I knew Addie could help me with my nephew, but I didn’t know how much she could handle. However, the two hours of babysitting time went by like a flash that first evening. Addie was incredibly helpful throughout the entire evening. Whenever my nephew needed anything, Addie knew exactly what he wanted and how to fix any of the problems he was having.  When it came time to put the kid to bed, I changed Vivi into her pajamas while Addie changed my nephew into his pajamas. I then fed and rocked my nephew to sleep while Addie read books to Vivi. Once I had my nephew down, I headed into Vivi’s room and I rocked Vivi to sleep too.

Piece of cake.

I could tell the second evening was going to be more difficult. My nephew didn’t want to be with anyone but his mom. As his mom walked out the door he cried, but once she was gone he calmed down while I bounced him on my knee. Ten minutes later, he was into Addie’s arms and she played with him for the rest of the evening.  The bedtime shuffle happened all over again, but this time I took my nephew up to his room and I asked Addie to change Vivi. I got my nephew to bed and then I put Vivi to bed.

When I came downstairs after putting the two kids to bed, I noticed a diaper covered by a pile of wipes. I asked Addie why she used so many wipes when she changed Vivi’s diaper, and she told me Vivi had been poopy. I gasped in amazement. I looked around to see if there were any poop stains on the floor or any nuggets rolling around, but there weren’t any. The kid had done a fantastic job of changing Vivi’s poopy diaper, something I wouldn’t have had her do had I known Vivi had a surprise for us. Addie’s ability to help me with those two kids was impressive. I was a very proud father.

I have a hard time describing how impressed I was with Addie.  She’s only 8-years-old, but a lot of the time she acts like she’s in her 20s.  She’s an impressive person and I feel extremely lucky that I get to be a part of her life.

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