Pumpkin Carving: Unleashing the Very Tiny Right Side of My Brain

Casey started blogging more than 6 years ago as a way of keeping our family in Utah up-to-date on our lives after we moved to Indiana. It became very clear early on that Casey has a special kind of blogging brain.

She has what I like to refer to as a Brett Michaels brain.  Yeah, that right. Brett Michaels of the band Poison. Watching that guy on Celebrity Apprentice gave me an epiphany of sorts. There are certain types of brains that are just good at all that creative stuff. They naturally excel at all things creative and no matter how much the rest of us try, we just don’t have that Brett Michaels brain. There were many challenges throughout the course of that season of Celebrity Apprentice where I thought Brett Michaels’ ideas were going to end up as complete flops. Only his ideas were so creative that he ended up winning the show.

That’s how I view my wife’s brain.

If you take Casey’s brain and reverse all of its creative strengths, well then you’ll get my brain. The type of brain that I like to call the boring as hell brain. Everything in my world has to have a pattern. Challenges are approached with the idea of a basic plan in place and then, with practice, more complex steps are added to that pattern until the pattern eventually becomes full-proof. No part of that process involves creativity.

One thing my wife pointed out on Halloween night, as I was free-style carving a pumpkin, is that the pea-sized quantity of creativity contained in my brain seems to display itself in pumpkin carving. Kind of weird? Meh, I just like carving pumpkins.

Here are some photos of my pumpkin carving creativity as well as a few shots of Addie’s and Vivi’s pumpkins from this Halloween:

  • Addie’s Pumpkin 1 of 6
    Addie's Pumpkin
    Addie likes to use the little patterns that can be purchased from the store when she "carves" her pumpkin. And by "carves" I mean she pokes a few holes here and there and then I have to finish it for her.
  • Casey’s Pumpkin 2 of 6
    Casey's Pumpkin
    Casey decided to use the little patterns from the store as well, which kind of surprised me.
  • Flaming Nose and Eyes Pumpkin 3 of 6
    Flaming Nose and Eyes Pumpkin
    This was a pumpkin I carved from last year. I can't remember if this was supposed to be Addie with eye lashes and a flower nose or if the pumpkin's nose and eyes were supposed to be on fire.
  • This Year’s Pumpkin 4 of 6
    This Year's Pumpkin
    This is one of my all-time favorite pumpkins. The pumpkin had a natural indentation running on one side so I used that indentation and made it a scar that ran across the pumpkin's face. Addie was a bit disturbed by that pumpkin.
  • All of This Year’s Pumpkins 5 of 6
    All of This Year's Pumpkins
    Here is a picture of all of our pumpkins from this year. We all carved a pumpkin, and no I did not let Vivi hold the knife (at least not the whole time).
  • My Favorite Pumpkin 6 of 6
    My Favorite Pumpkin
    I carved this pumpkin two years ago while Casey was away. I got a bit bored and decided to go to town and came up with a Jack the Skeleton Pumpkin. Casey loved it.

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