Our Own Private Pumpkin Patch (Video)

carving pumpkinYears ago, when the boys were very small, we made the kind of parenting decision that really showcases my status as a wise and insightful parent blogger—namely, the kids couldn’t use knives when decorating their pumpkins for Halloween. Sure, it sounds like commonsense, but I’ve seen some things.

What we did, which seemed quite novel at the time but has since become fairly commonplace, is use plastic eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, like a big orange Mr. Potato Head. The set we had was a pirate, and included all the trimmings: hat, sword, and earrings, that a swashbuckling gourd requires (parrot not included). These days they have a long line of characters that you can choose from. We’re like trendsetters.

The only thing we were missing was a pumpkin. Sure, they had them in bins at every market in town, but we really wanted the boys to pick their own just like the kids on TV used to do when I was a child (possible exceptions include Linus).

There wasn’t a pumpkin patch for miles, just enclosed parking lots covered in straw that charged $25 for a pumpkin someone picked in another state the week before. Now with bouncy castles! That, plus 90 degree weather, really took the season out of seasonal fun.

Luckily, I’m nothing if not resourceful. It’s a gift. We decided to create our own pumpkin patch, so I took the boys, both under the age of four, and had each of them plant a seed of their own that they had to tend and nourish until they were grown and ready to decorate the night before Halloween. Their patience was well-rewarded:


Happy Halloween!


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