Pure Genius! The 20 Best Kid Photobombs Ever

Everywhere you look on the internet these days there are photobombs and it’s no wonder, really.

See, photobombs, funny candid pictures of people or animals stepping into the frame of someone else’s snapshot, intentionally or not,  are the ultimate fighter of terrorism and illness and depression and even just those Monday morning blahs.

In the midst of this high-paced 21st Century life that we all find ourselves living, it almost goes without saying that anything which makes us smile or laugh or, if we’re lucky, spit out a little morning coffee on our computer keyboard because we are overwhelmed with the comedy of something, is a wonderful addition to our daily grind.

We need laughter.

In a lot of ways, we might just die without it.

So, photobombs drag their heavily ironic name around (how can any kind of bomb be any kind of good, you know?) with them up and down every single random alley of cyber space just to pop out from behind some website dumpster and surprise us right when we need a laugh most.

With that in mind, I decided to gather up bunch of hilarious photobombs featuring kids either doing the honors or getting bombed themselves. I can’t decide which ones I like better since each genre is just classic in it’s own right, really.

Anyway, as you probably already know, life is too short not to share these things with as many other people as humanly possible.

Come on in.

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  • Baby Brother Blues 2 of 21

    Grrrr...this young man refuses to let the new addition in the family steal the show.


  • Snacktime! 3 of 21

    I don't know whether these kiddos knew they were about to be eaten by a Beluga whale or not, but I DO know that this is a serious photobomb for the ages!


  • A Presidential Kiss 4 of 21

    See the two lovebirds there at 12 o'clock above Mr. President? That's what happens when you get so caught up in all of the glitz and glamor of a visit from the 'Big Guy', huh? What a fantastic picture. If I was either of these kid's dad, I'd have that image blown up to something the size of a small billboard for my wall!


  • Baby Ghost! 5 of 21

    Even back in 'the day' all of  the cool kids were photobombing big time. This baby in the background almost seems like a ghost given the eerie sepia tones of this old photograph. I'm thinking that this might just be the absolute Original Photobomb, people!


  • The Receiving End 6 of 21

    These kids are being photobombed into legendary status. Happy 4th of July, ya'll!


  • Hiking Sucks 7 of 21

    And here we are in the great outdoors.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.


  • Three Amigos 8 of 21

    Nature calls. What are you gonna do?


  • Foul Line Drawer Droppin’ 9 of 21

    I don't know what this little one's name might be, but whatever it is they should change it to Awesome.


  • Old Cool 10 of 21

    Teenagers always think that they're so cool. But old ladies are cooler.


  • The Dressing Room Kid 11 of 21

    Hey, what's up? I'm down here? Did I spook you? I'm waiting for my mee-mom to finish trying on girdles. What's your name? Do you have any snacks in here? Why are you wearing that? I have to pee.


  • Brunch, anyone? 12 of 21

    Help! They're trying to smother me with artisanal french toast and free-range bacon in here!



  • Here Is As Good a Place As Anywhere 13 of 21

     Happy Easter, kid. Do me a favor and don't turn around.


  • Axe Man Cometh 14 of 21

    This is probably one of the best photobombs ever. There is no way to improve upon this, really. It's just a simple classic that basically tells damn near every story ever told.


  • Still Life with Mushroom Cloud 15 of 21

    In this vintage photobomb we see a brother and his sister getting their picture taken with a nuclear explosion in the background. Ummm....WTF?


  • Wet Willie, 1977 16 of 21

    I'll bet that little girl ended up being a really fun woman to be around, don't you think?


  • Got Milk? 17 of 21

    At first glance, you look at the young girl in the picture and then the dude behind her and you try and see where the darn photobomb is. And then I tell you to look in where they keep the milk and everything reveals itself to you like pure magic.


  • The Party Animal 18 of 21

    Note to self:  look for this guy to be the lead singer for the biggest rock band in the world in about 15 years.


  • Tiny Dancer 19 of 21

    After football and a couple of beers, Dad passed out on the couch. That's when I decided to dance on his head!


  • It’s Actually Not That Heavy! 20 of 21

    I just love this vintage shot because that young fellow in the background ghost-lifting these huge weights is the bomb. And the photobomb.


  • Mom, Can We Got Get Ice Cream Now? 21 of 21

    What can you say? Not much, I don't think. After all, a picture's worth a thousand words..



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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