Research Predicts Duggars Will Rank Second to China in Population by 2029

Duggars will Eclipse India's Population by 2029

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas—Sociologists at the University of Southern Texas of Plano predicted that the Duggar family will have the world’s second highest population by the year 2029 making it second only to China. The study comes after Michelle Duggar recently announced on the TODAY Show that she is pregnant with her twentieth child.

The USToP’s research looked at births, deaths, related legislation, and likely disaster scenarios, to include a large meteor impacting fifty miles outside of New Delhi, India’s capitol.

“We felt this to be a plausible enough circumstance to factor into our calculations,” said Pakistani-born, Aban Hussein, the school’s Associate Professor of Sociology. “Plus, it just sounded cool.”

Currently, China and India have populations of 1.3 and 1.2 billion respectively; however, based on trending data, the team’s model indicated that the Duggars would rise to number three by 2025, a year after the projected meteor strike, before then eclipsing India in 2029.

These findings were based on key data pertaining to birth and mortality rates. While China’s annual birth rate runs at 1.2% and India’s at 2.1%, these numbers are less than half of the Duggars who are growing at rate of 5% each year. But according to Professor Hussein the real difference comes when studying the mortality rates which is .7% in both China and India.

Duggars have the edge on China & India

”For the Duggars, it’s a whopping 0%,” the Professor said. “That makes it a no-brainer. And we didn’t even consider Mrs. Duggar’s recent medical procedure.”

Professor Hussein’s remark was in reference to Michelle Duggar’s controversial surgery in which she had her uterus lined with a bio-engineered Kevlar after giving birth to her 18th child. The procedure, which is illegal in the United States and had to be performed in Mexico, is meant to reinforce the wall of the uterus making it more durable for longer periods of time. Doctors claim that the device can allow an average woman to comfortably carry 12 to 18 fetuses simultaneously which is why many are referring to it as the “Bionic Uterus.”

“If that were the case,” Professor Hussein said, “The Duggars could possibly pass India even before the meteor hits.”

When asked to comment on the USToP study’s prediction, Jim Bob Duggar responded with, “Oh, it’s on like Donkey Kong.”


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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