Scared: The Terrible Twos Have Officially Arrived

The Terrible Twos are HereThe toddler twos have officially arrived at our house, and right now Casey and I are wondering if we’re up for the challenge.

A week ago, Casey was away in Canada doing her thing. I was left here in Indiana with Addie and Vivi. Being a temporary single parent isn’t easy and every time Casey takes off leaving me with these two little girls, I want to buy all the single parents of the world a trophy. It’s not easy work.

When Casey is gone, it throws my entire day off and it’s a challenge to get everything caught up. In the mornings I usually get Addie ready to school and off to the bus stop before I take off for the gym. Instead of going to the gym, I get Addie ready for school and I wait for her to get on the bus. Then I get myself ready for work and I feed Vivi breakfast and get her ready to go to day care.

Because I can’t go to the gym in the mornings, I have to go in the evenings while I’m supposed to be watching my two daughters.  Fortunately for me, my gym has a daycare. However, putting Vivi back in a form of daycare right after taking her out of daycare worries me. When Vivi goes to daycare, little by little her attitude begins to dip. If she’s in daycare for an entire week, she’s pretty cranky by the end of the week. The only thing that really saves her from getting seriously cranky is if I bring her home at night and do nothing but play with her for three or four hours. But lately the kid has been begging to go to the daycare at the gym so she can play with all of her little friends there.

Each day during that week when Casey was in Canada, I took Vivi from daycare straight to the gym’s daycare. And little by little Vivi’s attitude dropped. By Saturday, however, her attitude dropped about as far as it could.

Vivi had thrown so many fits by 2:00 PM on Saturday that I sent the following text to Casey:  “I hope you’re ready to be a parent tomorrow.” I had had all that I could take, and it takes a lot for Vivi to push me over that edge.

I’m sure Casey thought I was exaggerating, but she got a taste of Vivi the next day and the next day and the next day. By Tuesday, Casey was ready to send me the exact same text I had sent her. This kid of ours had turned into one of the shoutiest and orneriest kids I’ve ever been around. By Sunday, Casey finally gave in and decided that Vivi’s case of the grumps had nothing to do with daycare and it may just be that the terrible twos are setting in.

I’m still holding out hope that the severe grumpiness has more to do with Vivi being in daycare and being sick, but that hope is fading with each ear-piercing scream.

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