School Lunches From Around the World: How Does the United States Compare?

This BuzzFeed story on what school lunches look like throughout the world is all at once captivating, depressing, inspiring, mesmerizing … you name it.

Seriously, France? Moules Frites? If I was a kid, I would want to go to there. (Although as an adult, I’m not so sure I’d like mussels made by the cafeteria-load.)

And China with your whole fried fish? And Japan with your amazing display of noodles and … are those quail eggs? My kid would pretty much fall in love with you. Honduras, Kenya and Ghana are almost sorrowful and joyful at the same time, although I’m sure those smiles faded once the photographer left and the kids were left with just the food in front of them. (The next time my kid complains about her packed lunches, I’m showing her this.)

So how does the USA stack up against the prepared school lunches from around the world, with our chili dogs and fried … things? Is that pizza? Not that great. Yes, I see some packaged goods in other countries, but I also see a lot of color — color means good — and food that just looks fresh.

Take a trip around the culinary world of school cafeteria lunches and let me know: How are we doing? And how can we improve? It’s clear some countries know what they’re doing when it comes to mass production of delicious, healthful food. (Hello Italy!) Why can’t we do the same?

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