Snow Plow Parenting: Is This Post-Tiger Mom Parenting Style For Real?!

Hi mom!
Hi mom!

Remember the whole ‘Tiger Mom’ thing?

Of course you do. Parents insist upon the utmost possible perfection in grades or dance class or trumpet lessons by enforcing an almost militant regime of commitment and dedication from kids as young as you can possibly imagine. Heck, people are still talking about it.

But that’s old hat now, because in the last few months a new style of parenting has slowly risen out of the hazy ether of the world of child-rearing, and it is almost unbelievable in its scheme.

Snow Plow Parenting is what they call it.

I know, right? Even the name sounds freakin’ ominous.

Well, according to an article on ABC 7 San Francisco’s website, “The ‘snow plow’ parent pushes life’s obstacles out of his or her children’s way.”

As in: makes potential roadblocks and problems go away.

Ahem. Ummmm, excuse me, but doesn’t that kind of sound like the job of a MAFIA HITMAN??!!!! Or one of those seriously creepy cheerleader moms doing time for murdering their daughter’s competition on the squad?

After reading a little bit about this phenomenon, I think the answer is probably ‘yes’. Although they seem to stop short of gun play and ‘concrete shoes’, these types of parents still seem absolutely reckless in the name of something that smells like love, but most certainly isn’t.

In the ABC7 story, they talk to one mom who tells how she used her ‘Snow Plow’ powers when her son was going out for a basketball team.

“I brought lemon cupcakes to a baseball practice once and realized the coach doesn’t like lemon. So I went home and baked vanilla cupcakes and brought them to his house that evening for his family to share.”

Seriously? You really did that? Were you trying to help your kid learn about life…or were you merely attempting to embarrass him to death?

Imagine the kind of damage that sort of adult behavior will have on young minds that need to learn to accept the natural ebb and flow of winning and losing, and of joy and disappointment.

Trying to bribe coaches or persuade teachers or gift cub scout leaders…where would it ever end?

Day-uhm, people are very very strange sometimes.

In some ways I am sort of on the fence about this whole thing, to be honest. It almost seems as if it’s a really funny Saturday Night Live skit, something rolled out a while ago in the wake of the Tiger Mom’s 15 minutes in the pop-cultural sun. I tell myself that sometimes the internet brings us news so bizarre and twisted that it just has to be the work of some witty comedy writer having a laugh somewhere, right?

Or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking talking.

Anyway. Good luck, Snow Plow youth.

You’re gonna need it.


Info source: ABC 7 San Fran (also a good video report on Snow Plow Parents there)

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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