Soccer Dad Arrested For Driving Kids 104 MPH!

I love soccer!

Part of being a parent means you’re constantly running late for stuff.

You’re late for day care drop-off, for getting bodies to the bus stop, for everything. It happens. You roll with it. You maybe try and pin the blame on the rugrats and just move on.

But, it seems like one California dad just couldn’t find the right fatherly tools to really deal with it.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a Petaluma Police officer on patrol observed a Nissan Altima driving on the wrong side of the road, weaving past on-coming vehicles, and doing it all at a nice and leisurely 104 mph.

So, naturally, they decided to pull his brain surgeon butt over.

That’s when the real story kicks in.

The Chronicle reports that it took the motorcycle cop over THREE MILES to catch up to the vehicle and when he finally got him stopped he discovered that the 41 year-old driver wasn’t alone in the car. In fact, he had his 9 year-old son and his son’s 9 year-old buddy in there with him.

And why in tarnation was he driving like a rabid idiot whose brain had melted into a wad of sludge?

Well, he told the officer, we’re late for the boy’s soccer game.

Seriously. That was his reason.

“I knew he was going fast because I could hear the engine and we were passing other cars,” one of the boys told the cop. Uh, yeah.

The Dad of the Year candidate was arrested and charged with reckless driving and child endangerment: two charges which he’d actually been charged with in the past, reports the Chronicle.

Cops also put his car in the pound for a while.

And that’s where it ought to stay, says me.




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