Spikes & Smiles: Cool Pictures of Kids with Mohawks

There isn’t much that I regret about my youth.

I was a master crayfish hunter and a rabid baseball card collector. I swam in the ocean and fished in the river and when I was about 12 and my mom went to work and had to leave my younger brother and me home alone in the summer, I practiced my Ninja Arts by hurling steak knives at the cheap wooden pictures of fruit we had hanging in the kitchen.

In other words, I had a lot of fun. I wasn’t always the soul of good behavior…but I had fun.

Still, one thing I do regret never experiencing was the Mohawk.

Remember the first time you laid eyes on someone in your class walking into to geometry with a high ridge of mousse spikes? I don’t know about you, but secretly, I was blown away. I loved that feeling, the slight punk-ness of it all when every nerd, cheerleader, jock, stoner, creepster and teacher was staring at the kid through completely different paradigms.

Nowadays, I see kids, almost always boy, younger and younger getting Mohawk haircuts. And I like that a lot. I think it kind of screams ‘Badge of Individuality’, don’t you? A six year old with a slightly shocking racing stripe down the middle of his head is sort of saying to the world:

“Hey world, guess what…I’m six, I have arrived, and I am gonna do things my way!”

It’s like a perfect extension of the punk ethic of the 1970’s, a sort of  unconscious tribute to that beautiful notion of spirit over everything and anything else, pulled off by the only ones who could ever do it really right: the young.

And, I wish I had gotten one when I had the chance.

It would look dumb on me now, huh?

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  • The Mohawk Kid 2 of 15
    The Mohawk Kid
    When a kid gets a Mohawk, he is expressing his inner-self and his awesome individuality by shirking every other typical haircut in favor of the most unique one around.
  • Little Rebels 3 of 15
    Little Rebels
    I love how Mohawk cuts make kids seem more confident. It's almost like the haircut comes with its own Super Power!
  • The Real Deal 4 of 15
    The Real Deal
    There are all sorts of variations on the Mohawk and so young folks can get anything from a buzz cut with a high middle (kind of like a 'cheater' Mohawk) to my personal fave: the absolute real deal in-your-face Mohawk Mohawk.
  • Finding Me 5 of 15
    Finding Me
    Any kind of Mohawk haircut symbolizes a kid's interesting outlook on how things are 'supposed to be' versus 'how things are'. In other words, if you ask me, I'll bet that young Mohawk heads have the kind of spirit that could someday change the world for the better.
  • Fun 6 of 15
    And let's face it, having a Mohawk can be plain old fun.
  • Be Young 7 of 15
    Be Young
    Getting a funky haircut, wearing bright colors, dancing in the aisle of the supermarket just because you feel like it...that's called being young and people should be able to be that way as long as they want to.
  • Family Time 8 of 15
    Family Time
    I guess a Mohawk haircut can turn into a whole family affair if you want it to, huh? It can even be a cheap fun DIY thing! Hey, you could pin it on Pinterest!
  • Summer Cut 9 of 15
    Summer Cut
    If you ask me, a Mohawk really seems like a pretty perfect way for a kid to celebrate the beginning of summer...and the end of school!
  • But Hey! 10 of 15
    But Hey!
    A Mohawk works at Christmas just as well as it does in summer.
  • No Rules 11 of 15
    No Rules
    The great thing about something like a wild haircut is that there are absolutely no rules. (Well, unless Mom or Dad says there. Then, there are rules.)
  • Baby Mo’ 12 of 15
    Baby Mo'
    Can a baby have a Mohawk cut? You're damn right they can!
  • Color Me In 13 of 15
    Color Me In
    If a kid really wants to, they can crank up the creative juices and dream up some different color to add to their funky cut. This little fellow's Mohawk rules.
  • Legion of Honor! 14 of 15
    Legion of Honor!
    This young dude has such a perfect ancient Roman Empire Legion of Honor helmet Mohawk that I think he deserves some sort of a prize, don't you? Well done, buddy.
  • Sign of Spring 15 of 15
    Sign of Spring
    Let it be written: nothing says 'spring is here!' like a kid with a Mohawk. See ya!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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